Magicycle Electric Bikes Model Review

July 27, 2022

Magicycle Electric Bikes Model Review

Magicycle Electric Bikes

I'm writing this in the Summer of 2022, excited to be introducing my customers to a new awesome brand of ebikes. I am of course talking about Magicycle, the company behind the very popular Cruiser, Cruiser Pro and Ocelot Pro fat tire electric bikes.

When selecting a new brand to carry at Really Good Ebikes, there are several important factors I take into consideration.

First, the company must produce very high quality electric bikes, and have a great reputation in the industry. I check reviews of their products at Electric Bike Review and Electric Bike Report, read customer reviews, and check other sources to validate brand authority.

Second, the brand must have warehouses in the US, and generally keep every model in stock. If they are constantly out of stock, it causes delays which no customer wants to deal with.

Third, their models need to be of interest to my core group of customers, who tend to be older and wanting very specific features and benefits in the ebikes they choose.

Well, Magicycle met these criteria, and I'm looking forward to introducing their brand to my valued customers.

Magicycle Core Values

Magicycle Electric Bikes was founded with several core values in mind. These are:

Affordability: We know times can be tight and with that in mind, Magicycle produces electric bikes that that have powerful motors, long-range batteries, hand-crafted frames, and exceptional components and accessories throughout. All without breaking the bank.
Energy Efficient and Eco-Friendly: Magicycle designs its batteries in-house, with a team of seasoned electrical engineers. Their patented designs of the battery management system (BMS) and use of high-quality LG cells means a battery pack you can trust.
Innovation: The team at Magicycle has decades of experience in the fields of bicycle engineering and design, electrical engineering, and battery technology engineering. Each new generation of ebikes from Magicycle incorporates advanced features that make their bikes smarter, more durable, and connected to you while making your riding experience as enjoyable as possible.

Magicycle Cruiser Pro Fat Tire Electric Bike

Ok, let's dive right in and take a look at the Magicycle Electric Bike lineup. We are really impressed with all of the ebikes they produce, but first up is the Cruiser Pro Fat Tire Electric Bike, which comes in a traditional diamond-shaped frame or the mid-low-step frame for easier mounting and dismounting.

guy off-road riding magicycle cruiser pro ebike

 What do I love about the Cruiser Pro and the Cruiser Pro MST? Well, for under two grand, you get an amazing electric bike. The Cruiser Pro comes equipped with a powerful 750W (nominal output) rear hub motor, paired with a very long-range 52V/20Ah lithium battery with LG cells and a USB charge port. 

You can ride the Cruiser Pro like a conventional bike, using the 7-speed Shimano drivetrain. The motor produces no drag when turned off and not in use. And when you need a boost, you have the choice of engaging the 7-level pedal assist system (PAS) or giving the half-grip twist throttle a twist, for pedaling-free riding. 

The Cruiser Pro is outfitted with hydraulic disc brakes, which have more authoritative stopping power than mechanical brakes, giving you an added sense of confidence when you go riding.

magicycle cruiser pro handlebar view


Oh, and let's not forget the 26" x 4" Kenda Fat Tires with puncture-resistant 30 TPI casings. The wider tires will give you more traction and stability when riding off-road, and an added level of bump absorption when riding over rough paths.

The Cruiser Pro comes in two frame designs. There is the standard mountain bike frame, and the mid-step-thru (MST) frame. The Cruiser Pro MST has removed the top tube, lowering the stand-over height and making it easier to get on and off the bike. 

The differences between the Magicycle Cruiser and Cruiser Pro include the following:

  • Battery Size: The Cruiser comes w/ a 52V/15Ah battery while the Cruiser Pro has a long-range 52V/20Ah battery, both featuring LG cells
  • Brakes: The Cruiser comes w/ Tektro Aries mechanical disc brakes, compared to the Cruiser Pro which has Tektro hydraulic disc brakes. Both the Cruiser and Cruiser Pro have automatic motor cutoff sensors, so when you activate the brake level, power to the motor is automatically disabled (an excellent safety feature).
  • Suspension: The Cruiser has an air coil suspension fork, while the Cruiser Pro has a hydraulic suspension fork; both provide shock abortion and have lockouts.

Magicycle Ocelot Pro Step-Thru Fat Tire Electric Bike

Next up is the Ocelot Pro from Magicycle. We found the Ocelot Pro to include a lot of unique design features that make it a very special electric bike.

First you have the 20" x 4" fat tires, which give the bike a lower overall profile and offer exception grip and control on unpaved surfaces.

Add to this the very low step-over frame design, and here is an electric bike perfect for shorter riders.

magicycle ocelot fat tire electric bike


But don't let the small stature of the Ocelot Pro Electric Bike fool you. This ebike is outfitted with some seriously good components, that will give you excellent rides.

The Ocelot Pro comes with a high-torque, 750W (nominal) rear hub motor, which has the power it takes to climb hills and fight headwinds. That extra motor power will also help get through thick mud or sand when riding off-road.

The Ocelot Pro motor is paired with a very long-range lithium battery, rated at 52V/20Ah, which should give you over 50 miles of range per charge. This will extend the areas you can explore, giving you confidence that if you ever get fatigued, the bike will have enough juice to get you home.

Magicycle Single-Speed Belt-Drive Commuter Ebike

While most people might know Magicycle for its awesome line of fat tire electric mountain bikes, they also produce the Commuter, a stripped down ebike perfect for the minimalist commuter.

magicycle commuter ebike


The Commuter is a single speed belt-driven ebike, with a 350W motor tucked into the rear hub, and a 52V/7Ah battery hidden in the downtube. 

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