Electric Bike Company Joins RGE

March 05, 2021 1 Comment

Electric Bike Company Joins RGE

Welcome Electric Bike Company

Really Good Ebikes is proud to welcome Electric Bike Company into our Family of Brands. We are very picky when it comes to the brands we represent, and it is indeed an honor to find a manufacturer that meets our standards for quality and customer service.

Newport Beach California is the birthplace of the cruiser-style ebike, and the headquarters of Electric Bike Company. Since its founding in 2014, Electric Bike Company (EBC) has strived to provide the best USA custom built electric cruisers in the world, using a combination of proprietary components, high quality global materials, and local bike builders.


young couple outside riding bikes from the electric bike company

Their hand-built bikes are inspected and tested in their southern California factory, fully assembled and boxed with custom foam inserts, and delivered to your door ready to ride.

We consider these factors to place Electric Bike Company at the top of the list of leading ebike manufacturers in the US.


How Do They Do It?

We hear about how all electric bikes are made in China, and that nothing is actually made here in the US, but that's actually not true.

As it turns out, all of Electric Bike Company’s cruiser-style ebikes are all built in Newport Beach, California. You can watch the video below, featuring our friend Micah Toll from Electrek, to see every step of the process.


Electric Bike Company builds classic-looking beach cruisers with speeds up to 28 miles per hour and prices ranging from around $1,699. But these ebikes have specs well above similarly priced models from other brands.

We're talking about hydraulic disc brakes with large rotors and automatic motor cutoffs, powerful front and rear LED lights, heavy-duty puncture-resistant tires, Samsung cells in all of their battery packs, and a uniquely designed charger which has temperature control sensors, a cooling fan, and retractable charging cord.


girl with ebike

Now let's check out how these bikes are made, because this is what really impresses most. These bikes are built by local bike technicians who live there in the community. You can really see the passion that each member of the team has for their work, and the end result is a uniquely designed, solidly built, highly warrantied, classic American beach cruiser, that just happens to have an electric motor.

The process starts with bare frames, designed by Electric Bike Company, that come in one of three standard colors of red, white, or black. From there, each bike is built by a single, certified technician, using a lengthy checklist. There's no assembly line here, as electric bicycle company's founder Shaun Lupton Smith explains:

“I see our customer’s ebikes as very personal, and so we prefer to build them in a personal process with one employee building the bike from start to finish. Each of the parts goes onto the bike in a process that generally takes around 2 to 3 hours per bike from start to finish.”

Employees follow a preset build list to ensure that each step is completed properly, that all parts are torqued to the proper specification, and that every bike that finishes the assembly process is 100% ready for the next steps, which include inspection, testing, and custom boxing of the fully-assembled, finished bike.

As you can imagine, even though the bikes are built in the US, EBC has an international supply chain. That being said, as many parts as possible are sourced from the US, including the incredible handmade cherry wood and walnut fenders and chain guards, produced by a craftsman in Oregon, and the locally-sourced custom paint colors used on all the frames.

Parts like motors and batteries, however, are still produced overseas. And while the company is working to bring more manufacturing processes in-house, they make a huge effort to do as much work as possible in their own factory.

Electric Bike Company invested in wheel building and truing machines, so they could handle the delicate and intricate task of building their own wheels in-house. And that’s not just for the rear wheel which houses the hub motor; they also hand-laced every front wheel assembly as well.

Obviously, you can buy pre-laced wheels very cheaply from Asian suppliers, and to be honest, the front wheel on these bikes isn't really seeing that much stress since it doesn't have a motor in it, but a pre-built wheel isn't good enough for Electric Bike Company. Instead, they built all their wheels themselves to ensure that they have complete control over the quality.

And when it comes to batteries, even though the battery cells are fabricated and joined overseas, Electric Bike Company does all of the assembly of the packs into larger systems locally, including assembling many of their own battery cases and wiring in their own electronics.


While the company isn't yet big enough to justify investing in large injection molding machines, they are 3D-printing their own battery enclosures for some of the models of ebikes that they offer, hiding the battery in the front basket.

For other models that use downtube mounted batteries, EBC 3D prints its adaptors, to help the batteries seamlessly integrate into the curved frames. Along the build process various accessories can be added to the bikes. Electric Bike Company has its own accessories, and they also work with third party companies through partnerships. They were recently selected as the US distributor for MIK, a Dutch company making really cool universal rack mounts that include pannier bags and small animal carriers.

Once the ebikes are finished with the build process they go to the inspection station. Here, inspectors go over each bike to verify the builders work with a second set of eyes and hands. These multiple steps of quality control help ensure that customers receive exactly what they ordered, and that the bikes are in proper working order, without any factory defects, before they are boxed for shipping.

Before shipping, every bike is test ridden by the inspection team to verify that all systems are performing correctly. Once each bike gets a final sign-off it moves to packaging. The packaging step is unique and quite impressive. Customers don't have to do any assembly and the bike is ready to ride right out of the box. EBC has even designed their own custom-cut foam inserts, to keep the bikes perfectly held and protected from accidental damage during shipping.


If you've ever dealt with receiving and assembling an ebike from other direct-to-consumer companies, you'll appreciate how much nicer is to receive a fully assembled and properly packaged ebike.

The amount of effort that Electric Bike Company puts into their southern California operation is simply amazing. You can really see how dedicated the team is, everyone has a job and everyone really cares about what they do. The marketing team even maintains a constant schedule of creating and uploading YouTube videos on various topics, such as demonstrating features of their bikes and showing off new accessories that the company has added.

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Norman West
Norman West

March 05, 2021

This was such an informative article. Thank you for taking the time to describe this process. It assures me that I made the right decision buying an EBC electric cruiser. Model C to be exact. Worth the wait.

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