EWheels Joins Really Good Ebikes

March 11, 2018 1 min read

EWheels Joins Really Good Ebikes-Really Good eBikes

We're super excited to welcome EWheels to the Really Good Ebikes family of brands. Ever since we started, we have wanted to provide electric vehicles for everyone, from ebikes to scooters to skateboards. We've always had a few tricycles and scooters for people seeking greater mobility, but it has never been our primary focus - until now.

With our partnership with EWheels, we are bringing a whole new level of freedom to our loyal customers.

 EWheels produce some of the most innovative mobility scooters on the market in the US. These scooters are more akin to personal electric cars, with a full suite of dashboard controls, including cruise control, stereo sound systems, and plenty of discrete storage. And with a wide selection of vibrant colors and stylish designs, EWheels will get you where you're going in style.

We are just getting starting the full EWheels line up to our store, but just take a look at the EW-72 Edge, the EW-52 Four-Wheel Lux Scooter (a true Rolls Royce), and the EW-54, a modern scooters that will best the best golf cart!

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