RGE Featured Brand: Green Bike USA

August 26, 2018

RGE Featured Brand:  Green Bike USA

Really Good eBikes carries a wide range of eBike brands - but one of our favorites is Green Bike USA. Based in Florida, Green Bike USA has been building eBikes for over a decade, with lots of improvements based on direct customer feedback.


green bike usa comparison chart


With their extensive lineup, Green Bike USA offers a range of affordable, portable eBikes for every budget. Staring with the GB Smart and the GB1, at only $1,039 and $1,049, respectively, now there is no excuse for not getting an ebike for yourself and your family.

green bike usa gb smart at really good ebikes

At the other end of the price spectrum, there's the GB750 Fat Tire Folding eBike, and the GB750 Fat Tire Low-Step eBike.

All Green Bikes are on Sale right now, and you can call for additional savings offers, like $100 Cash Back.

green bike usa gb750 fat tire step through ebike


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