Ness Rua Gets Positive EBR Review - Really Good eBikes

Ness Rua Gets Positive EBR Review

September 10, 2017 2 min read

Ness Rua Gets Positive EBR Review-Really Good eBikes

We have always been a big fan of the Ness ebikes, and now it's official - Electric Bike Review (EBR) is a fan too. The Rua from Ness Ebikes is a colorful folding electric bike with sturdy cast rims, strong rear rack, wide alloy fenders, and LED lights, the suspension fork and slightly wider tires for improved comfort.

A Class 2 twist throttle works well with the Pedal Assist, which is triggered by the 12-magnet cadence sensor, which is highly responsive and doesn't require much effort to activate. 

Check out the newest review of the Rua on EBR.

 You can read the full review here.

The Ness Rua is one our favorite folding electric bikes. It is a sturdy, fairly adjustable, and note too heavy ebike. Weighing in at 52 lbs, you can lighten your load with the quick release front wheel and removable battery pack.

The Rua offers one of our favorite drive-mode configurations. It has a very sensitive pedal assist system, but a twist throttle for easy power on demand.

ness rua folding electric bike review ebr really good ebikes

Driving the bike is a compact, planetary-geared rear hub motor, rated from 200 to 350 watts, This may not sound as impressive when compared to some full-sized ebikes with rating from 350W to 500W and more, but keep in mind that the smaller wheels provide a mechanical advantage, and rear hub drives have more grip. By using a compact motor like this, Ness was able to keep weight down and use battery power more efficiently. Because this is a geared motor, it produces a little more whirring noise under power than comparable non-geared motors. Since this is not a mid-drive design, however, the motor does not interfere with the chain and derailleur at all.


Ness Electric Bikes


The powerful 42V/13.Ah Panasonic lithium cell battery is tucked behind the seat tube for balance and stability, and it will drive the motor over a estimated range of up to 45 miles on one charge. And with a charge time of about 5 hours, there will be very little down time (and none, of course, if you get a second battery for immediate swap-outs). The battery placement also makes for easier access, since you do not have to fold the bike to get to the battery. The black-painted aluminum battery casing blends in with the black frame and is very durable. At the top, a plastic cover houses an LED readout to communicate how full the pack is, but you might have to turn the bike on to get it to light up. There’s also a handle at the top for sliding the battery off of the bike and carrying it around safely.

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