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New Brands Join Really Good Ebikes

January 08, 2020 2 min read 1 Comment

New Brands Join Really Good Ebikes

Really Good Ebikes (RGE) is happy to announce that Ride1Up and Delfast Bikes have joined the RGE Family of Brands. 

Ride1Up Ebikes

San Diego-based Ride1Up is know for producing high quality ebikes at affordable prices. Ride1Up got their start in the world of ebikes like many others, doing it themselves.

Their DIY ethos, building their own electric bikes by hand, brought them to the important realization that ebikes can be life-changing.

ride1up ebikes team

They offer an unrivaled level of independence and efficiency. So why did they decide to sell their own models of ebikes? According to their founder, "sleek, fast, and affordable quality simply wasn’t available."

They set out to prove that quality electric bikes don’t have to cost as much as a car. Indeed, their 500 Series and 700 Series models prove that point, with great style. All of the Ride1Up ebikes come with a one-year warranty, and they stock parts.

Delfast Bikes

Ebike technology is evolving at a rapid pace, but there is one concern that many customer share - range anxiety. Will the battery hold enough charge for an entire ride.

For long-distance travelers, the ability for their ebike to stay up and running for a significant number of miles is an important factor when making such an investment.

The Delfast Bikes team from Ukraine has been working since 2015 to solve this dilemma, and they didn't just beat the previous distance limit — they obliterated it. We're talking about a distance limit that can compete with an electric car. Meet Delfast, the Kickstarter funded ebike that can go for 236 miles on one charge.

Not only do Delfast Bikes offer the longest ranges of any ebike on the market today, they also offer the fastest. The Delfast Top 2.0 can reach a top speed of 50 mph, making it one of the fast ebikes available today. Check it out.


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Mike Manson
Mike Manson

January 08, 2020

This is great. I was hoping to see some new models for 2020, and the Delfast Top 2.0 looks perfect for my needs. Do you offer any discounts?

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