RayVolt Premium E-Bikes Now Available in the US - Really Good eBikes

RayVolt Premium E-Bikes Now Available in the US

November 04, 2018 2 min read

RayVolt Premium E-Bikes Now Available in the US-Really Good eBikes

RayVolt Premium E-Bikes has come to America, and Really Good eBikes is the only authorized dealer to offer Free Shipping throughout the Continental US. Never heard of RayVolt Premium E-Bikes? You're not alone.

This boutique premium ebike manufacturer was founded by former boat captain and nautical engineer Mat Rauzier three years ago in Barcelona, Spain, and after gaining wide acclaim in Europe for their steampunk designs, they are finally coming to America.

After years designing and working on boats for sea travel, Mat became concerned that he was responsible for a large carbon footprint, and wanted to do something to offset the detrimental pollution created from the vehicles that moved him around in the world. After much tinkering in his workshop, and with the advice of friends turned business partners, Rayvolt was born. RayVolt represents the Rays of the Sun, the Volts of electricity, and the need for change or a REVOLT!

But RayVolt Premium E-Bikes is no regular ebike manufacturer. Their motto is:


Mat and his team took an incredible amount of time to design and build their bikes from the ground up, including designing their own motors instead of using the off-the-shelf motors that find their way onto many electric bikes around the world. Rayvolt’s rear hub motors are optimized for efficiency and power, with specially designed magnets, creating a seamless magnetic field.

Rayvolt has built up an impressive line of ebikes, and more are expected to arrive in the US this summer.The bikes are inspired by a vintage, steampunk design, integrating beautiful leatherwork and copper accents into each design.The flagship ebike from RayVolt, "The Cruzer" pays homage to the early days of motorcycles and is steampunk engineering at its finest. The seat sits low on the long frame and pushes the pedals to the front. The Torino and Beachin' models are also winners in our opinion, and we plan to sell a lot of them in the coming years.

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