Really Good Ebikes' Family of Brands

November 30, 2018

Really Good Ebikes' Family of Brands



Really Good Ebikes is a relatively new company (less than 2 years old) but we've grown fast and learned a lot from our customers about their experience with electric bikes.

We also learned a ton from our suppliers, or who we like to think of as our "Family of Brands". 

We now feature electric bikes from 35 different companies, in styles ranging from fat tire to folding to full suspension mountain bikes.

Before we agree to carry a product line, and add a supplier to our Family of Brands, we research the company to ensure that they product high quality ebikes at reasonable prices.

We evaluate the build quality, the component parts, customer reviews. Only after such a vetting, do we enter into a partnership with the supplier and begin to carry their products.

To celebrate this achievement, we put together a short video, where we highlight some of the offerings from each of our brands.



In this short video, you will see some of our favorite products highlighted, including:

  • Biktrik Juggernaut MX ULTRA Electric Mountain Bike
  • E-Joe Epik SE Sports Edition Folding Electric Bike
  • eProdigy Fairweather Carbon Fiber Frame Folding Electric Bike
  • EZ Pedaler X-500 Full Size Folding Electric BIke
  • Green Bike USA GB Smart Folding Electric Bike
  • Joulvert Stealth Folding Electric Bike
  • Ness RUA and ICON Folding Electric Bikes
  • Phantom Bikes' "Phantom R" Vintage Board Racing Electric Bike
  • Platinum 3OND Folding Electric Bike from Wise Innovation Technologies
  • ProdecoTech's Rebel, Phantom, and Islander Electric Bikes
  • QuietKat FatKat 1000W Electric Mountain Bike
  • SSR Motorsports Trail Viper Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike
  • X-Treme X-Cursion Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike
  • Velomini Plus Velomini+ Sub-Compact Folding Ebike

What do you think of our family? Leave us a note below, and you'll be entered to win a discount on your next purchase.

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