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March 04, 2018

Really Good Ebikes on EV Nerds

EV Nerds is a collective magazine for lovers of all things Electric Vehicle. It's a community for learning and sharing about electric bikes and they just posted our recent review of the Rambo R1000XS G3, which is now on pre-sale. Without further adieu, here's our review.

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Steve here from Really Good Electric Bikes. I’m super excited to announce that we’re already starting to take orders for the 2018 Rambo Bikes electric mountain bikes. If you don’t know about Rambo Bikes, it’s a Minnesota-based electric mountain bike manufacturer, created by guys who have a true love of the outdoors. Rambo bikes are engineered from the ground up to meet the needs of hunters and fishermen, with fat tires made for all-terrain riding, especially in field and woodland settings.

Rambo Bikes range in price from $1,499 for the 20″ Junior, all the way up to $4,499 for the R1000XP G3. The full line-up of Rambo Bikes will shipping in the last month of April, 2018, but as we know from prior years, they sell out fast, and orders are first come/first served.

rambo r1000xs g3 electric mountain bike at really good ebikes

With over 50 brands of ebikes in our store, we’ve seen our share of electric mountain bikes (e-MTBs), some good, some bad, and some ugly. And I must declare, the Rambo R1000XP G3 fat tire electric mountain bike is not just good but great, it’s not just bad but super bad, and with carbon fiber or true timber camo paint options, it’s true beauty lies in its stealth.

The R1000XP G3 was engineered for the serious outdoorsman, who demands top quality, highly reliable components. It’s the monster trucks of off-road electric bikes. It sports an incredibly powerful 1000W Bafang BBSHD mid-drive motor paired with an equally robust 48V/14.5Ah downtube-integrated lithium-ion battery pack with Panasonic cells.

The R1000XP G3 (third generation) sports 9 levels of pedal assist, a thumb throttle and and 11-speed SRAM drivetrain. So it is incredibly flexible when it comes to how you ride it. You could pedal it like a conventional mountain bike, shifting gears as necessary given the terrain; you could engage pedal assist, so as the pedaling becomes harder, it becomes easier; or you could push down on the thumb throttle and go, no pedaling required. As you and your bike become one, you will find the sweet spot for every riding condition.

rambo bikes

A Hunter’s Perspective

Many outdoorsman are pretty skeptical when they first see the use of fat tire electric bikes used for hunting. Fat tire electric mountain bike (e-MTB) can be a major investment, and many people wonder what kind of advantage they really offer to your hunting.

Well after having used one on a few hunts, most guys are totally sold and see the value in an e-MTB. We talked with a real Rambo customer, who told us that his R1000XP G3 bike is a game-changer when hunting public lands, as he does in several states each year. He can name several significant advantages he discovered in using his Rambo hunting bike.

First and foremost is the speed he can get to and from the stands, in carrying out his daily chores of scouting and checking trail cameras. In the past, it would take an hour or more to walk the perimeter of a large field looking for scrapes and rubs, tracks and trails. Now he can do it in 10-15 minutes.

rambo bikes hunter with kill

Walking to a stand far away from the road meant getting sweaty and leaving well before daylight. Now he can use the electric assist to get to his stand in a fraction of the time, and he doesn’t work up a sweat at all.

Deer are not alarmed by a hunter on a bike as they are by someone walking; they simply watch you go by, even from short distance, rather than snorting and running off like when the get spooked seeing you walking.

The bike is stealthy and quiet in every way. While riding the bike, the amount of scent intrusion left in your path is minimal. The deer are seldom aware that you even went by, and that goes for accessing your hunting areas as well as scouting and checking cameras. You’re leaving a minimum amount of scent on the ground.

rambo bikes two hunters carrying kill

Most public hunting lands have access roads that are gated off, but the Rambo allows you to use these roads, and reach much deeper into public hunting areas in much less time than before.

The addition of a cargo trailer allows you to haul a lot of gear into the woods, saving time and sometimes multiple trips. Hauling your gear and kill out on a trailer is much easier than you can believe.

The Rambo R1000XP G3 fat tire electric mountain bike is available for pre-order today ($3,999 not including on-site discounts) at Really Good Electric Bikes, and we are looking forward to shipments beginning April 25, 2018.

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