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Trikke Tours For Bootstrap Entreprenuers

July 02, 2017 2 min read

Trikke Tours For Bootstrap Entreprenuers

Do you love travel? Are you into sustainable, responsible eco-tourism? Would you love to start a business that is super fun, easy to set up, affordable, and amazingly profitable?

Then you need to consider Trikke Tours - the absolutely best way to create an instantly profitable and fun business for under $10k.

trikke rental opportunities

Seriously, all you need to do is get a couple of Trikke carving scooters, throw up a website to schedule tours around town, and watch the profits roll in. From Athens to Honolulu to the Dominican Republic, Trikke Tour companies are showing how bootstrap entrepreneurs are crushing it in the rapidly growing eco-tourism niche.

All you need is a couple of Trikke carving scooters to get started, and a passion for sharing your home town with eco-minded tourists from around the world, and your well on your way to creating an incredibly profitable travel business. 

Most of our tour operators started with very little cash, but lots of enthusiasm, and they love the businesses they've created. And with our wholesale pricing programs, this is one of the easiest businesses to start and scale.

Call us today and find out how you too can become a Trikke entrepreneur! PayPal financing available for qualified start-up professionals. Call us today at 888-883-3350 to learn how you can start your own profitable Trikke rental business. This is not a franchise. It's a simple to understand rental business based on three principal factors: 

1. You must love showing people around town, and be a natural tour guide.

2. You should have a basic understanding of sustainable travel, eco-tourism (which you can easily learn)

3. You must have an entrepreneurial mindset, believing that anyone who works hard on a good idea can be successful in business.

If you possess these characteristics, and can pull together enough money to invest in your future, then this could be the perfect opportunity. 

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