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Welcome Crussis Footbikes

October 06, 2017 2 min read

Welcome Crussis Footbikes

Welcome Crussis Footbikes to the Really Good Ebikes family of brands. And welcome to the US!

All the way from the Czech Republic, the latest form of adult exercise - whether you call it a scooter, a footbike, or a kickbike, it's pure adrenaline, pure fun, and absolutely one of the best workouts on the planet!

crussis kickbike friends outside

"Smooth, Fluid Motion" is the expression that best describes the experience of riding a CRUSSIS footbike. 

It's not just for exercise, or only for recreation; it’s a lifestyle. You can ride your CRUSSIS almost anywhere you can imagine. You can use it as easily for shopping as for intensive training. You can ride alone, with the family, or with a group of friends. You can ride off on a big holiday adventure or just ride to the park with the kids. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Children and adults of all ages and abilities love their CRUSSIS footbikes. 

Change your life: ride a CRUSSIS footbike!

Healthy, whole-body exercise

Footbiking involves the whole body, strengthening and toning all the main muscle groups.

When you ride your CRUSSIS footbike, you’ll be strengthening muscles, tendons and other connective tissue in your legs, back and abdomen. When you ride with a good rebound technique, you’ll also be strengthening and shaping the arms and shoulders, particularly the biceps, triceps and deltoid muscle.

crussis footbike family ride

Each model of CRUSSIS footbike is unique and every footbike we make is produced with careful attention to quality and detail.

We work to make certain that our footbikes are the best and most reliable they can be. Therefore, our CRUSSIS frames are designed and manufactured to meet rigid specifications and close tolerances and we choose only high-quality components that will provide you with long service and safe, efficient operation. Every footbike is assembled and inspected at our facility in the Czech Republic before being partially disassembled and securely packed in a heavy-duty carton for shipping. When it arrives at its destination, final assembly is quick and simple – for the customer or for a local bike mechanic.

Get your Crussis Kickbike Today.


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