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Ariel Rider eBikes

Ariel Rider Ebikes is a passion project of Arda & Berk Onal, its brother co-founders.They have been in the electric bike industry for a very long time, and their team has a combined experience in the industry over 22 years.

Their flagship brand Ariel Rider Ebikes has gotten a lot of media coverage, amazing reviews from all around the world. The Ariel Rider eBikes team of engineers has worked hard to create unique ebikes that fill a need in the market - stylish cargo bikes with beautiful step-through frames and tons of options. 

Long story short, we are very proud to introduce you the all new Ariel Rider Ebikes. We take pride in what we do and hope all of you find something that you love from our new line. I wanted to share that it’s not only a product that you’re seeing here. It’s a tribute, to a great man, it’s the hard work of a great talented team, and it’s the vision of 2 brothers to cherish ebikes as convenient, sustainable yet stylish modes of daily transportation!