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BAM Power Bikes by EWheels

BAM Power Bikes is the electric bike division of the mobility scooter powerhouse EWheels. At Really Good eBikes, we started off only selling electric bikes, but over time, we discovered that customers had concerns about balance, and in response we started carrying electric trikes and mobility scooters.

So when one of our favorite brands EWheels told me that they were that they were starting an electric bike division, I was really excited. EWheels is the developer, manufacturer and distributor of high quality, feature-rich electric powered scooters, and I knew that this expertise would result in some amazing ebikes. 

BAM Power Bikes has a great lineup of high-performance, affordable ebikes, including the BAM-StepThru, and the Bam Nomad. Each of these ebikes feature high-torque 750W rear hub motors, long-lasting 48V/14Ah batteries with Samsung cells, and custom attachment points for their unique universal Front/Rear Basket.