Enzo Ebikes

Enzo eBikes is not just another electric bike. It has much more to offer!

The long ride just got a little shorter.  Everyone is looking for a better way to commute. A greener way, a faster way and a safer way. That is exactly what we offer. Sleek Italian design by Enzo.

enzo electric bike

Enzo eBikes have been building Italian designed electric bicycles since 2013, during which time they have continuously revised and improved upon their specifications. The result is a range of folding electric bikes that can be folded and stored in as little as 30 seconds, eBikes that are technologically advanced, user friendly, and incredibly stylish.

Based in Florida, Enzo has made sure that their electric bicycles are ideally suited for those living in areas of high humidity or close to the ocean. Rather than using the typical steel components you will see on many electric bikes, Enzo eBikes are built entirely from rust resistant parts, including aluminum alloy, titanium, plastic and rubber. As a result, Enzo electric folding bikes are reported to be the #1 e-bike choice of yacht owners.

The unique folding design of the Enzo electric bicycles ensures that these are very portable e-bikes (even the pedals fold in to minimize the width). With the addition of a guard to protect the derailleur gearing system and a specialized carry bag, riders can be confident in transporting their Enzo electric bikes easily and with little risk of damage to the bike or its surroundings.

All Enzo electric bicycles come with the Enzo proprietary controller with waterproof quick disconnect cables, in order to monitor your riding speed, make a power assist selection or check the battery power remaining. So whether you choose 7-Speed Enzo Folding Electric Bike, or the newest Onze Lite Folding Ebike by Enzo, you will ride away with a smile on your face.