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Exercise Bikes

Spin classes are all the rage, but not everyone wants to spend an hour pumping away in a dark, loud room surrounded by sweaty strangers. The mix overeager instructors, blaring techno and top 40 music, leaderboard drama, and high cost of attendance just isn't going to be a good fit for more solitary exercisers—especially once you factor in the time commitment to attending classes on a rigid schedule.

But indoor cycling can still be a great workout, even without all of the modern spin class trappings attached, so you shouldn't just dismiss the activity on principle. If riding solo is more your speed, exercise bikes make it easy to pedal to a fitter you within the confines of your own home. Your personal gym setup should have a cardio option—and if you hate running, a bike gives you a perfect excuse to ignore treadmills and ellipticals entirely.

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