Hollandia Green Electric Bikes

Hollandia brand electric bikes are deeply committed to improving the environment by helping everyday people ride bikes more. What's really good about the Hollandia brand is their dedication to using high quality components and very reasonable prices. 

Hollandia brand bicycles are leaders in the design and production of Dutch-style bikes, which are becoming increasingly popular in North America. But what exactly is a Dutch-style bike, and why should you consider getting one if you love bicycling?

The Dutch didn’t invent the bicycle or even develop the earliest bicycles. In the late 19th century, England, Germany and France were leading bicycle manufacturing – and in fact, the first Dutch bicycles largely copied from English bicycles (thus, many of the features of a Dutch bicycle came from the original English design).

Due to the flat landscape of Holland, Dutch bicycles are generally heavy and sturdy and used for transport, and prior to the Second World War, it was very uncommon to have gears on Dutch bicycles.

If I were to describe a typical Dutch-style bicycle with a few adjectives, I would say they are sturdy, comfortable, low maintenance, practical, pragmatic, stylish and heavy. Dutch bicycles are upright or “sit-up” style – with taller frames than typical bicycles. This position allows for very good visibility and great comfort.

So whether you choose the step-through Hollandia Evado 7.18 Pedal Assist Ebike, or the Hollandia Evado Nexus 3.19 Pedal Assist Ebike, you are sure to love your new ride.