KHE BMX Bikes - Really Good eBikes


KHE Bikes was founded in 1988 by brothers Thomas and Wolfgang Göring, and during the past 28 years they have invented many progressive BMX parts, now considered standard within the industry. These include:
  • Multiple butted handlebars
  • Folding Freestyle tires
  • Welded U-Pivots on Freestyle forks
  • Externally Adjustable Freecoaster hubs (without any need to partially disassemble the hub)
  • First Freecoaster hubs with sealed bearings
  • First Freestyle seat/post combo
  • 25/9 gearing on beginner bikes (KHE ‘Barbados’ Model)
  • We are always looking at how we can reduce the weight of our bikes.
So whether you get an entry-level KHE Root 360 BMX Bike, or an advanced KHE Evo 0.F BMX Bike, you can be assured that your bike will perform for you and give you an excellent riding experience.