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Electric Skateboards - eBoards

Since its invention in the late 1940s, skateboarding has just gone from strength to strength. Today it is a major international sport, with big names pulling the same sorts of crowds we’d expect of more traditional professional sports or competitive games.

For those of you who love to skateboard but think pushing yourself along is too much effort, perhaps you'll want to try out one of or electric skateboards (aka eboard). They take away all the work and deliver twice the fun, and turn these nifty boards into a viable and economical form of transport to get you to and from school, work or the store.

One of our favorite eboards is the Atom Electric B.36 Longboard electric skateboard.

Longboarding has become quite popular in recent years. Although trick boarding such as in the X-Games grabs all of the mainstream attention, longboarding also has a vibrant community that partakes in exciting activities like downhill racing (super scary) or longboard dancing.

Longboards usually start at 36" in length and have much larger wheels and trucks. They can also take heavier riders than trick boards, and are easier for newcomers to get going.

This extra real-estate and strength has made the longboard a perfect candidate for the electric treatment. Now you have a wide range of electric skateboards to choose from. I’ve highlighted some of the popular ones here and put my top picks first so you can see what I think are the best models.

Need a little more convincing? Check out our Real People Episode #3 video below!