Partners & Affiliates Program


Welcome to the Really Good eBikes Partners & Affiliates Program. We are an industry leader in the online sales of electric bikes, electric skateboards, and electric scooters, not to mention conventional bikes, kick bikes, mountainboards, and mobility scooters.

We feature 100s of different models from more than 50 premier brands - and we're growing rapidly. Some of our most popular products include fat tire bikes, folding bikes, and electric skateboards.

Really Good eBikes offers the best customer service in the industry, with round-the-clock email, phone and chat support. Read a few of our really good customer reviews, and you'll see why we are an industry leader. 


Do you run a local bike shop? Are you looking to get into ecommerce and electric bikes? We're here to help. We work closely with brick-and-mortar bike shops around the country, allowing them to rapidly expand their catalog offerings, providing their customers with bike set-up and maintenance services, not to mention ongoing accessories sales. We like to call it the ship-to-shop model - where ecommerce and brick-and-mortar can offer customers the best of both sales platforms!

Benefits Include

Call us today to learn more about partnership opportunities with Really Good Ebikes. Call us toll free at 888-883-3350.


As our affiliate, you will drive qualified traffic to our site, and when sales result from your efforts, you get paid! This is not a get-rich-quick scheme, and only serious affiliate marketers will be considered. But it has never been easier to set up a review site, a blog or a "squeeze page" and drive qualified traffic to an ecommerce site.

If you want to start earning affiliate commissions TODAY, sign up with Really Good Ebikes. It's free to join, and you can decide how much effort you're willing to put in to drive sales.

Program Basics

  • 5% Flat Rate Commission
  • 30-Day Returns
  • 30-Day Cookies
  • Payouts Every 60 Days

Program Details

  • We support our affiliate marketers with frequent product promotions
  • We offer regular incentive promotions to our top affiliate marketers
  • We can create dedicated coupons

Our dedicated, responsive affiliate team is here to meet your every need. We want to work with you as a valued partner every step of the way. We believe deeply in the power of partnership and have worked in affiliate marketing since its inception. Please email us at with any questions - we’d love to hear from you!

If you're ready to start your affiliate marketing journey with us, you can sign up for our affiliate program sending an email to Please include your full name and address, existing websites you would use for affiliate marketing purposes, and other information you believe would be helpful for us in deciding whether or not to accept you into our affiliate program.



Affiliate Program FAQs

Q: How do I create direct links to the product I want to promote?

A: Once approved as an affiliate, we will provide you with a unique utm tracking code, so that all traffic you generate, including conversions, will be tracked.

Q: How will I know when I get an order through my affiliate link?

A: You will receive an email as soon as an order is placed and paid through your affiliate link. We have a 30 day return policy, so you will get paid out 60 days after your affiliate purchase. This is to ensure the ebike isn't returned before you get paid. You can check your affiliate dashboard to see how many clicks and paid orders you've referred.

Q: How do I make sure I get credit for referring sales?

A: The cookie lasts for 30 days, so the order must be placed within 30 days of the users click and they must accept cookies on their computer as well as not clear the cookies on their computer before they order. You can provide these same instructions in the video description to help education potential customers you refer that if they click and buy right then, that they will support you.

Q: How do I do "affiliate marketing" profitably?

A: If you really want to take your affiliate marketing to the next level, we recommend opening an email marketing account with Aweber, and starting an email list related to ebikes, electric skateboards, electric and conventional scooters, and conventional bikes. Start your 30-day Free Aweber Trial today.

We recommend that you create some sort of free guides, like a short PDF eBook, and design an easy email opt-in page (aka "squeeze page") with a picture of the guide. You can do all of this free using online design software like Canva. This will give people a reason to sign up for your list. Then, you can set up an autoresponder email sequence, teaching them more about e-bikes and the other awesome products we carry, and put your affiliate links (directly to the products you recommend on in the emails you send.

Feel free to email us at if you have any questions or need a little help getting started.