Want To Earn $150 Cash Back? (Record a Video)

We offer all our customers $150 Cash Back when they send us a short video and we select it to be featured on our website. The video can show you Unboxing & Assembling your new electric bike, or giving us an honest opinion of your shopping experience in a Video Testimonial.
Featuring your video on our website is at our sole discretion, but also really helps us to promote a product. So you will get a $150 Thank You Refund for your efforts if we use the video. 

We are not looking for professional bike assembly videos, just real people and their real experiences. Make sure the room you assemble the bike in has good lighting, without a lot of distracting background noise

Also try to place your camera on a steady surface, use a tripod, or have a friend film you. If you are filming a Testimonial, have someone capture some footage of you riding your new scooter or bike, and talking about how you like it. If you had a good customer service experience, you could also mention something about that in your Testimonial.

Here's a perfect example featuring our valued customer Preston G.



Feel free to get creative - who knows, you could go viral!

After your video is recorded, simply upload it to YouTube, then send us a link to the video and your order number (send the link to info@reallygoodebikes.com).

To upload a video to YouTube, first you need to go to the YouTube app on your phone. At the bottom menu you will see a big PLUS SIGN, which you click, and then click Upload A Video. It may take a few moments for the video to upload, but then it will be on your YouTube channel, ready to share with the world.


how to upload a video to youtube


Whether you are recording an Unboxing/Assembly Video or a Testimonial Video, please hold your camera sideways, in landscape mode. Vertical videos may not be used.

really good ebikes says hold your camera like this when filming

Use of your video shall be subject to the Really Good eBikes Video Testimonial Release Form.