Hire a Business Coach

Are you interested in quitting your job and starting your own business? Do you have a small business, but struggle with growth and marketing strategies?

Then considering hiring me to coach you through these challenging times. I had a 30-year career in real estate development before starting Really Good Ebikes in 2017. I was in my early 50s, and wanted to take more control of my financial future, by starting my own business. 

I have been coached by some top notch experts in digital marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing and founder-market-product fit. I have also coached dozens of entrepreneurs, and have a solid track record of helping people move their businesses forward.

The first hour is free, and if you want more after that, it's $100/hour. Call me at 888-883-3350 if you are serious about getting your business on track and growing. I look forward to hearing from you.