My Favorite Folding Ebike

Please often ask me if I like folding electric bikes, and which one is my favorite. Well, let me tell you. I do own a folding ebike, and it’s one of my favorite ebikes. I ride the Green Bike Electric Motion Big Dog Off Road, which features 4” fat tires and a full-suspension frame. Not only that, but with its 48V/16Ah battery, The Big Dog Off Road allows me to ride for hours without running out of power.

big dog off road electric folding bike

But let me say up front that just because I love this fat tire folder, it’s not going to be right for every rider. Fat tire bikes are heavier than conventional bikes, because the tires and rims are larger and thus heavier.

For example, the Big Dog weighs 61 lbs, which is on the heavy side. But for me, I don’t really notice the weight, because whenever it might be an issue, for example when climbing up a steep hill, I’ll use the 750W motor and power up the hill.  If you want to see all the possible folding ebikes available, please check out our list of the 10 best folding electric bikes.

The Big Dog also has hydraulic disc brakes, which have incredible stopping power. But that is not to say that everyone needs this. And I typically recommended mechanical disc brakes for most of my customers, because they are much easier to maintain, and there is no chance of leaking fluid.

One of the great benefits of a folding ebike is the ability to haul it without a bike rack. I just fold up my bike and put it in the backseat of my car. Then I can drive to my favorite trailhead, and start riding from there. I have many customers who also swear by their folding ebikes, especially for RV camping and boating.

The Big Dog Off Road folding ebike also comes with a full set of accessories, including colorful fenders, a rear rack, a headlight and a tail light. When looking for a folding ebike, make sure to check and see which accessories come with the bike, and which you might need to buy separately. And by all means, please get a good helmet and bike lock, and never expose the battery to excessive heat or cold.