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Our Story

My folks used to love going on long walks. They would go to the beach, on the trails in our local park, and even around the mall once or twice just to see what was new in the stores. But after dad had two knee replacement surgeries and mom hurt her lower back, we knew it was time to get some help with mobility.

Both my parents could still walk, but it was getting harder and less enjoyable, so they ended up staying at home more often. We knew they weren't really candidates a wheelchair, and with all the new mobility scooters on the market, we knew that it was time to seriously considers these as a way to preserve their freedom and autonomy.

That one of the reasons we added mobility scooters to our store Really Good eBikes, because we knew there was a growing demand for this type of alternative transportation vehicle. And with all the questions we were getting from friends and customers about these new scooters, we decided to write a Guide to Mobility Scooters, to help others decide which model would best fit their needs.

Are you or a loved one in this situation? Are you going out less often, seeing fewer friends, not joining your family on walks? Have you thought about the freedom that a scooter could provide you - giving you a whole new lease on life?

Well, let me tell you this: Mobility Scooter technology has made incredible advances in the last few years, and high-performance full-featured scooters that that used to $2,000 or more, are now going for less than half that. There has not been a better time to consider a mobility scooter.