EBO Front Range 2.0 500W 48V Electric Bike Kit

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Electric Bike Outfitters (EBO) Electric Bike Kit

The powerhouse! This kit provides more power for off-road, larger loads and big hills.  Averaging 30 miles without pedaling at a maximum speed of 20 mph. Range will increase significantly to 30-50 miles with pedal assist modes.


  • Battery - 48V/11Ah Lithium-ion Flat Battery (Samsung Cell) with Mounting Bracket and Charger
  • Battery Colors - Black
  • Electric Motor – 48V 500W (1056W Peak Power) Brushless Geared Motor Disc or Pad Brake Type (Rear Freewheel Type)
  • Open Sizes - 135mm
  • Rim and Spokes Sizes - 26", 27.5", 28", 29" or 700C
  • Electric Motor Colors - Black
  • Controller – 48V 22A
  • Controller Storage - EBO Controller Box
  • Clamp Diameters - 22.2mm
  • Display – KT LCD 3U with Integrated USB port (EBO/JULET Quick Connectors) 
  • Throttle – Thumb or Twist (EBO/JULET Quick Connectors) 
  • E-Brake – Two motor disruptor brake levels (EBO/JULET Quick Connectors) Disruptor Sensors are available upon request.
  • Wiring - EBO/JULETQuick Connect Anti-Water Lines (Wiring Harnesses Lengths: 305mm rear motor to controller, 712mm components to controller)  Other wire harness lengths are available upon request. 
  • Pedal Assist System - 1:1PAS with 3 Levels of Assist Modes, 8 Magnet Sensor

What Electric Bike Review Say About Front Range 2.0

If you're new to ebike kits, check out the excellent Electric Bike Review (EBR) review of the Front Range 2.0 kit, and learn how powerful and versatile it truly is. Here are some highlights from the EBR review:

  • A powerful gearless hub motor kit capable of being installed as a front or rear wheel, sturdy and relatively quiet
  • Gearless motors tend to be heavier and this one is ~12 lbs and does not offer a regeneration option for regenerative braking
  • The display console is more basic (LED lights vs. an LCD screen) but also takes up less space, the kit comes stock with trigger throttle but has a twist throttle as an opion
  • Quality Samsung cells in the battery pack, larger capacity at 14.5 amp hours, solid one year warranty on all parts

Before Purchasing Your Kit

Before ordering your electric bike kit, please send us an email (info@reallygoodebikes) or call 805-881-3365, so that we may confirm that the make/model of the bike you want to convert will work with the specified kit.

Electric Bike Kit FAQs

What is the mileage range of my electric bike kit?

Calculating Electric Bike Mileage Range: A 36V (Volt) 10AH (Amp Hour) battery has 360 Watt Hours. (36V x 10AH = 360W Hours). Roughly 20W (Watts) = around 1 mile, so 360W Hours divided by 20 = 18 miles.

  • Battery (36V x 10AH) = 360W Hours / 20W = 18 Miles
  • Battery (36V x 10.4AH) = 374W Hours / 20W = 18.72 Miles
  • Battery (36V x 11AH) = 396W Hours / 20W = 19.8 Miles
  • Battery (48V x 11.6AH) = 556W Hours / 20W = 27.84 Miles
Most of the electric bicycles will offer 15-20 mile range in electric-only or 30-40 miles in pedal-assist modes. It’s important to consider what your needs are for 80% of your riding time. For most riders, the majority of trips end up being from 3 to 8 miles, so a 20 mile range will be perfectly adequate. 

If you are commuting to work and you have a commute of about 10-15 miles each way, you can also consider purchasing an additional charger to keep at work. This way, you can recharge your battery while you work and virtually double your daily range.

Be careful when a bike manufacturer advertises a range of 50+ miles, as that may mean that it will come with a very heavy battery. If the majority of your trips are less than 15 miles, that will mean that you end up with a heavier bike that for the benefit that only comes in handy 10-15% of the times.

What bike should I install my electric bike conversion kit on?

An electric bike at its core is still a bike. So, you need to look at its overall components and style and see whether it would still be a bike you would ride without power. At the end of the day, no matter how good the electrical components are, if you put them on a cheap or unreliable bike, it will not give you a good experience.

Will a 350W hub motors be enough power?

In most cases yes, there are a lot of gains with a 350W motor with less battery drain, smaller and lighter weight than higher Wattage motors. Riding around town, bike paths or commuting these 3 items matter.

Does the Lithium-ion battery require any special care?

Yes a little, you will need to recharge the battery at least once every 3 months if being stored. Store the battery in a cool and dry place. Also to state the obvious, do not expose the Lithium-ion battery to water, moisture, extreme hot or cold temperature.

Do I still have battery power once my LCD display shows the battery has no bars/empty?

Yes, you still have some battery power left. You will have around 3-5 miles left in the battery.

What is the difference between a freewheel and cassette?

The terms "freewheel" and "cassette" often used interchangeably. Traditional rear hubs came with a standardized set of threads to which a standard freewheel/sprocket cluster could be screwed on. This allowed any brand of freewheel to be mounted on any brand of hub. If you wore out your sprockets, or wanted different gear ratios, you could unscrew the cluster and install a new one.

Cassette freehub/sprocket cluster uses splines to mount on the hub.


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Click here for the EBO Front Range Kit Installation Manual

Click here for the Electric Bike Outfitters Product Warranty Policy.

Order Confirmation

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Some suppliers, such as Prodecotech and Fifield, build to order, so upon notification that an order has been received, they will assemble the bike and then ship it, usually 7-10 days. If your item is on backorder or unavailable, we will void the pre-authorization and reach out to you by email or phone, and see if you want to cancel the order and change it for a different item or items. If your item(s) are available for immediate shipment (within five (5) business days), we will process the charges and submit the order for shipment.

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ALL warranty communication is between the customer and the manufacturer for genuine issues of workmanship or defect within the warranty period, and the supplier will repair or exchange AT THEIR DISCRETION. If the customer has not opened/used the item, and it can still be sold as new, the item is to be returned to the supplier and Really Goods LLC will refund them once the supplier determines the salability of the item.

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Really Good Electric Bikes offers one-year free roadside assistance with every purchase of an electric bicycle.

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Signing up for one year of free roadside assistance is easy. Just provide us your name, home address, email and phone number, and we will take care of the rest.

You will get signed up as a member with Better World Club, and your benefits will include:

Nationwide emergency roadside assistance, 24/7: Transportation service for you and your bicycle up to up to 30 miles per service with a maximum of 2 service calls per covered member, per year.

Flat Tires: Service providers do not deliver new equipment; however, we can dispatch a service provider with commonly available tools upon request.

Lockout: Because we cannot verify ownership of a bicycle, we will not dispatch a service provider to remove a bike lock. If you independently arrange service to free your locked bike, you may submit a claim for reimbursement for up to $50.

Other Benefits: Bicycle Only Membership also includes access to all basic club membership benefits and discounts, including maps and travel discounts such as hotel and car rental discounts.


Calling for Help. If you are in a serious bike crash and need medical assistance, please call 911 and get any emergency assistance you might require.


Call roadside assistance at 1-866-732-1427


You will be asked for your member number or last name to schedule service. 

You must be with your bicycle when the roadside assistance service provider arrives. 

A tow truck will be dispatched and should arrive to you within an hour (usually less).

 If you call the dispatcher and they cannot dispatch service through their network, the representative will give you an authorization number. You may then call any service provider and pay them directly for services rendered.

For more information on your membership, please download your free Membership Handbook.


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