EZ Pedaler X500 Folding Electric Bicycle

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EZ Pedaler X500 500W 36V 12Ah Folding Electric Bicycle

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The all new X500 offers a stealth look with our new removable battery inside the frame. At 49 lbs this is the lightest full size folding bike on the market. Our tri-mode operation, coupled with a 9 level LCD make this one of the smoothest rides in the industry. The ability to fold this full size commuter is a real bonus.

All models are equipped with an on/off switch on left handlebar. This allows rider to turn pedal assist on or off to achieve desired level of exercise or increased range. This switch is independent of the throttle switch and only activates pedal assist when the key has been turned on. We refer to this as Pedal Assistance on Demand.

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Simple. The key fundamental design characteristic of an EZ Pedaler electric bicycle is simplicity. While our bicycles are feature rich, they are easy to understand, simple to operate, and very easy to maintain.We see no need to complicate matters.That smile on your face should last a long time.

Smooth. EZ Pedaler bicycles provide smooth operation and a smooth comfortable ride. While our bicycles are ergonomically designed for comfort of use, they are also designed to provide a smooth ride. The balance and weight distribution of an EZ Pedaler is what makes it one of the best riding bicycles in the industry.

ez pedaler electric bikes

Sophisticated. When you buy an EZ Pedaler, you are buying 'Refined Innovation'. As we begin our seventh year of operation, we continue to take what is very good and make it better. Our component manufacturers are among the best in the industry, providing us with high quality parts. We continue to provide a high quality, low maintenance product, at a reasonable price.

We recommend riding your bicycle with the pedal assist switch in the off position first so you can get used to the pedal only feature. There are three gears, 1st being used primarily for hills.

When you are comfortable put your bicycle in 2nd gear and flip the pedal assist switch to the right. Pedal two revolutions and you will feel the assistance. This is created by a torque sensor located behind the chain wheel as illustrated below. Make sure you have plenty of room when practicing.


  • 36V10-12AH Lithium Battery
  • 432 Watt Hours
  • 500W (8Fun) motor
  • 35-40 miles per charge
  • 20+ MPH


  • Marine stainless
  • Quick connectors
  • 26” Wheels
  • Tektro Disc Brakes
  • Suntour Forks
  • 7-speed Shimano Derailleur
  • 9-level LCD


  • Midsize unisex step-thru
  • 6061 AA Frame
  • 49 lbs including battery

EZ Pedaler Owner's Manual


EZ Pedaler is committed to manufacturing high quality low maintenance electric bicycles. The following warranty covers the ST500, X500, X350 Starting in Jan 2017 the above models come with a full three year warranty against manufacturer defects. Normal wear and tear items such as brake pads, brake cables, chain adjustments, tires, etc. have a 90 day warranty. All other parts of the bicycle will have a 3 year warranty from the date of manufacture. That date can be found on the right side of the head tube and is designated by the last four digits indicating the month and year of manufacture. Your EZ Pedaler Battery will be considered useable as long as it can hold 50% of its charge over a 3 year period. (Abusive treatment or failure to maintain your bicycle and battery will void your EZ Pedaler warranty. Your EZ Pedaler is a road bike, not a mountain bike and should be ridden on normal road surfaces. Your EZ Pedaler is built to withstand various weather conditions however the hub motors should never be submerged in water. Opening a motor, controller, or battery will void your warranty unless done by an authorized dealer. Please refer to our maintenance section for recommended care instructions for your EZ Pedaler bicycle.) RECORDING SERIAL NUMBERS Your EZ Pedaler has three numbers that should be recorded for warranty purposes. The frame number located on the right side of the head tube adjacent to the front logo. The battery number will be found on the base of the battery. The Motor number is on the hub motor itself between the spokes.

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Really Good Electric Bikes offers one-year free roadside assistance with every purchase of an electric bicycle.

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Signing up for one year of free roadside assistance is easy. Just provide us your name, home address, email and phone number, and we will take care of the rest.

You will get signed up as a member with Better World Club, and your benefits will include:

Nationwide emergency roadside assistance, 24/7: Transportation service for you and your bicycle up to up to 30 miles per service with a maximum of 2 service calls per covered member, per year.

Flat Tires: Service providers do not deliver new equipment; however, we can dispatch a service provider with commonly available tools upon request.

Lockout: Because we cannot verify ownership of a bicycle, we will not dispatch a service provider to remove a bike lock. If you independently arrange service to free your locked bike, you may submit a claim for reimbursement for up to $50.

Other Benefits: Bicycle Only Membership also includes access to all basic club membership benefits and discounts, including maps and travel discounts such as hotel and car rental discounts.


Calling for Help. If you are in a serious bike crash and need medical assistance, please call 911 and get any emergency assistance you might require.


Call roadside assistance at 1-866-732-1427


You will be asked for your member number or last name to schedule service. 

You must be with your bicycle when the roadside assistance service provider arrives. 

A tow truck will be dispatched and should arrive to you within an hour (usually less).

 If you call the dispatcher and they cannot dispatch service through their network, the representative will give you an authorization number. You may then call any service provider and pay them directly for services rendered.

For more information on your membership, please download your free Membership Handbook.


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