Anatomy of an Electric Bicycle

January 19, 2018

Anatomy of an Electric Bicycle

While most of us learned how to ride bicycles as kids, few of us learned what proper names are for all the various bicycle components. And this is even more true for electric bikes, which have all the regular bike components, but also come with an electric motor, battery, and computer controller.

But people who are shopping for bikes, whether conventional bikes or ebikes, typically want to be informed, not just about brands and models, but also about the various components, and which ones will work best for their particular riding needs.

So we have compiled a so-called Ebike Encyclopedia, which is an alphabetical list of all of the major parts of an electric bicycle - a bicycle anatomy if you like. So the next time you are trying to figure out what the difference is between a seat post, a seat tube, and a seat stay, check our our Ebike Encyclopedia to get your answers.

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