Retro Style Electric Bikes

Some of the coolest electric bikes on the market today have distinctively retro-stylings. What is a retro style ebike? It's a bike that reminds us of days gone by, when going for a bike ride was a more sensual experience, meaning that all our senses were engaged at a heightened level. We didn't just enjoy the view, we enjoyed the elegant design of the mechanical machine we were riding on. We enjoyed the texture of the grips and saddle, the sound of the bell ping, the smell of the fresh air.

One of our favorite ebikes is the vintage Cheetah Electro Cruiser by Revi Ebikes. Not only is this a powerful 750W fat tire electric bike with hydraulic disc brakes, pedal assist and a twist throttle, it has the distinctive look and feel of a classic motorcycle. The Cheetah is featured in our Fat Tire Electric Bike Roundup, as well as in a recent blog post where we gather customer feedback.