Become an RGE 50/50 Brand Ambassador™

  • Are you an avid ebike enthusiast?
  • Do people in your social network know, like and trust you?
  • Do you want to start earning commissions that are more than double what big companies like Rad offer?

Then you are literally one step away from becoming an ebike entrepreneur with Really Good Ebikes. When you become a Really Good Ebikes (RGE) 50/50 Brand Ambassador™, your job is to generate leads for RGE, and when they result in a sale, we will split the profit from that sale with you 50/50.

That means that for every friend or family member you send our way, you could earn $200 or more per sale, depending on which model they buy.

There is no upper limit to this offer. If you can help us sell a bike a day, you could earn $6,000 or more per month. The specifics on how this generous commission is calculated, and when and how you get paid, are provided in this article.

What is Lead Generation?

A “lead” or “prospect” is any person who expresses an interest in ebikes, in any way, shape or form. For an online business like RGE, leads are potential customers, and we rely on our customers to stay in business.

We generate leads in a number of ways, by inviting visitors to join our email list, publishing informative content about ebikes, and engaging in social media.

lead generation

When people visit our website, we invite them to join the RGE Club, where they will get insider information, instant discounts, and more. We use a double-opt-in signup method, where new members must confirm that they in fact want to join the club by email before they get added.

We do not send a lot of emails, since we know that these can be annoying. So after our 5-email welcome series, which talks about how I started this business in 2017 and what sets us apart from the competition, we send out an email about once quarterly, providing inventory updates, links to new guides we’ve published, and special offers.

We also generate leads from Google and other search engines, in the form of organic search results. We publish both informative and commercial content in the electric bike niche, covering topics which are interesting to our customers. So, for example, when someone uses Google to search for the best fat tire electric bikes on the market, our 2021 Fat Tire Ebike Showdown will probably show up as the #1 organic result, below all the ads. If the person clicks the link and comes to our website, they become a lead.

Finally, we generate leads by regularly engaging in social media: posting links to interesting and informative articles about ebikes written by ourselves and other ebike experts; conducting surveys to find out what our followers are interested in or have questions about; and doing our best to answer questions about ebikes.

When people engage with us, they become potential customers. It’s then our job to offer the best products at the best prices, with the best customer service.

How Can I Generate Leads?

This is the fun part. You get to be creative and decide for yourself how to share your love of ebikes with your friends, family and followers. If you already purchased an ebike from RGE or another dealer, you can use it to offer test rides. Short test rides are by far the best way to get someone excited about electric bikes.

You can also share stories about how ebikes have changed your life, both in person and on the social media platforms you use (Instagram is the best for this). 

You can share articles about electric bikes that you found interesting. And you can let people know that you are have become an Ebike Ambassador for Really Good Ebikes.

One of our successful Ebike Ambassadors - Mark Mahoney from Beach Cruiser Nation - features our partnership on his Instagram page, and it's been a very effective lead gen magnet.

beach cruiser nation on instagram

Other 50/50 Ambassadors include Elkin E-Bikes & Stuff, run by Greg and Lori Dexter in Elkin, North Carolina, and the Cambria Electric Bike Company, run by Robin Herrera and her family.

cambria ebike company customer reviews

Do I Have to be Good at Sales?

Absolutely not. Here at RGE, we do not use any hard-sell sales tactics. We offer tons of useful information, and try to be as helpful as possible when people have questions about ebikes. As an Ambassador, your job is to get people excited about ebikes, give them test rides if you can, and direct them to the Really Good Ebikes website. Or you can just give me a call at 888-883-3350, and let me talk to them about ebikes.

When someone is ready to make a purchase, we offer a variety of payment methods, including financing options, and our website uses PCI compliant 128-bit secure encrypted checkout.

All you need to do is generate the lead. Once your lead gives us a call or starts a chat on the website, it will be our job to “make the sale.” But regardless of how the sale is made, if you generated the lead, you will be entitled to your 50% commission on the net profit from that sale.

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How is the 50/50 Profit Split Calculated?

Our profit margins vary by brand and model, but on average they are about 30%. After the cost of goods sold (COGS), payment processing fee (2.6%), fraud protection fee (0.65%), and the cost of free shipping, our net profit is about 25%.

It is this net margin that we will split 50/50. So if a bike sells for $2,000, the net profit would be about $500, and you would get 50% of that, or $250. If discounts are offered to the customer, it will reduce the net profit, so we try to get the full retail price when making a sale. Once you join the Ambassador Program, we can go over the numbers with you for each model, since some models have much better margins than others.

When and How Will I Get Paid?

When you send a lead our way, there are a number of ways we can make sure you get credit for generating the lead. We can include your name on the order itself (in the Order Notes section of the cart page), or you can simply call or send an email letting us know the name of your prospect. Once the sale is complete and the customer receives their new ebike, we will send you your share of the profit via PayPal.

Local Bike Shops

If you're the owner of a local bike shop, we'd love to work with you. You probably get tons of questions about ebikes. But due to the cost and complexity involved, you probably don't carry too many models or brands.

Well, when you join our team, you can start selling everything we have online, through our store, and get 50% of the net margin. Let's team up today and start selling some ebikes.

Get started today and put this sign in your shop.

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