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Ebikes for Active Seniors

Since many of our customers are from the Baby Boomer Generation, we decided to put together a collection of some of the best ebikes for Active Seniors.

Here you will find ebikes that are fun to ride, many with a step-through frames that allow for easier mounting and dismounting.

The Baby Boomer generation represent nearly 20% of the US population. Back in the early 70s, most of the 76 million boomers were poster children for health and fitness.

“Baby boomers led an unprecedented fitness revolution, into a kind of golden era of health,” says Kenneth H. Cooper, M.D., whose 1968 best-selling Aerobics put modern exercise on the map.

So it is no surpriser that Active Seniors are into ebikes.

Not only do ebikes give you one of the best low-impact exercises possible while enjoying the outdoors, they extend the range of your riding adventures.

And when hills or headwinds threaten to slow you down, just give the throttle a push or a twist, or turn on the pedal assist system (PAS), and your ride will be electrified.

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