Ebikes are Growing in Popularity (and for good reason)

March 27, 2017

Ebikes Popularity

Ebikes Are Fun and Functional 

Admit it: Electric Bikes Are Trendy. A day doesn't go by that you don't read about ebikes in the news or see them on the street. They are used for food delivery in cosmopolitan cities like New York and Miami, for United Parcel Service (UPS) package delivery in Seattle, and are being adopted by police departments around the country for their law enforcement utility.

And Really Good Electric Bikes was started to meet the growing demand for ebikes all across the country. But the demand isn't just in big cities - many people in small towns recognize the benefits of having an ebike, whether it's to go shopping while leaving the car in the garage, cruising to the beach, or going off-road for some mountain biking adventure.

Since we started Really Good Ebikes over a year ago, we have really gotten to know our customers; where they live, why they've sought out ebikes, how they decided which one was right for their particular need, and finding ways to assure them that buying an ebike online is safe, secure and really one of the best ways to do comparison shopping.

In this article, we explore this trend, with the help of some of our recent customers. We share their experiences in the hopes that you my relate to their experiences, their life circumstances, their desire for the greater freedom that comes with electric bike ownership. So join as we explore the wonderful world of ebikes.

Ebikes Are A Hit With Consumers

In this Mercury News article about ebikes becoming a hit with consumerswe hear from several commuters who found that they could commute to work on an ebike instead of an automobile, thus saving themselves tons of money in parking, insurance, gas, registration and licensing fees, not to mention the fact that they got out of traffic, and were able to get some exercise (but not too much, so they didn't work up a sweat) discovering that electric bikes were the perfect commuting solution. 

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