Everything You Need To Know About Ebike Accessories

January 08, 2022

Everything You Need To Know About Ebike Accessories

What options are there for electric bike accessories?

There are a wide range of accessories to consider when shopping for an e bike. Before buying accessories, you should check to see which ones come with your purchase. For example, many e-bikes come outfitted with fenders, lights and racks. If these do not come with your bike, should make sure that they will fit your bike before buying them. 

The most common accessories that ebike riders get for their rides include:

  • Front headlight, which illuminates the road in front of you while riding at night or during twilight hours.
  • Rear brake light and turning signals, which will tell drivers behind you when you are coming to a stop or making a turn. There are many kits online that use motion sensors to detect when you are slowing or stopping.
  • Rear view mirrors help you see what’s behind you, and can be mounted on the handlebars or on your helmet or glasses.
  • Fenders are a great accessory, as they prevent dirt, debris and water from splashing onto your and your clothes.
  • Electric horns or mechanical bells are a great safety accessory for announcing your presence when approach other riders or cars.
  • Helmets are an essential accessory, as they can prevent serious injury in case of an accident. Make sure to get a helmet that is DOT certified.
  • Safety vests can be worn to bring attention to yourself, especially at night since they usually have highly reflective materials.
  • Many ebikes come with braze-ons, which are attachment points to mount accessories such as water bottles and bags.
  • Biking gloves are a popular accessory, as they will keep your hands dry and reduce the possibly of developing blisters.
  • Drink holders and cell phone holders can mount onto the handlebars and are very popular with ebike riders.

Do electric bikes come with sidecars?

Sidecars are not a common ebike accessory, but there are a few specialty manufacturers that produce them. Mad Dogs & English Men is known for creating some very beautiful ebikes with matching sidecars. Their sidecars are made to order and handcrafted in Europe. They are heirloom quality items, and can be bought separately and hooked up to your own bicycle, or purchased as a custom-matched bike and sidecar combo.

Are there electric bikes with a kid seat?

There are a number of kid seat attachments designed for bicycles, and these will also work on electric bikes. Depending on their size, the child seat may be placed above the top tube, between the captain and the cockpit. Other designs place the child behind rider, usually atop the rear rack. The most popular way to transport one or more children while riding an ebike is to place them in a suitable trailer, which attaches to the rear of the ebike. 

Of course, the first consideration when riding with a child on your ebike is to ensure their safety. The child seat should be securely attached to the bike, and the youngster should wear an appropriately sized helmet.

Where can I get electric bike lights?

Many ebikes come with lights, and these either have their own small batteries or are integrated into the ebike’s battery. You can find bike lights at your local bicycle shop or online. When shopping for electric bike lights, make sure that the light will fit on your bike, and that it will provide sufficient illumination to protect you, especially during low-light conditions.

What are the top 5 electric bike accessories?

We believe that safety is very important, so when recommending bike accessories, we also suggest that the rider get a durable helmet, lights and reflectors, and mount a bell or horn on the handlebars. Other popular accessories include a flat tire repair kit, cleansers and lubricants for the drivetrain, a rear rack and pannier bags, and a bicycle computer for tracking your ride. There are also bike tool kits that will allow you to perform all the basic maintenance functions to keep your bike in good working order, including adjusting the gears and brakes, truing the wheels, and keeping the tires properly inflated.

What are the best e-bike parts suppliers?

When you get a new electric bike, there should be little need to get parts, and if something goes wrong, the first place you should check is with the manufacturer of the bike you purchased. While most ebike parts have standard specifications, you should make sure to only get parts that will fit your bike model.

You might be interested in checking out ebike conversion kits for an affordable way to get into electric biking.

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