Top 7 Mountain Adventures for the Young At Heart

July 06, 2020

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Mountain Adventure Ideas for the Young At Heart

Mountain ranges are some of the most fascinating attractions that have captivated people for thousands of years. 

And today, even though civilization has made taking dangerous treks through the mountains mostly unnecessary, millions of people still seek out the thrill of conquering some of the steepest and most challenging peaks in the world.

And there's a good reason why mountain activities remain as popular as ever.

beautiful mountain range

It's hard to find more pristine nature that you can explore on an electric mountain bike or on foot. As the rest of the world becomes more busy and crowded, mountains remain a refuge from civilization that allows reconnecting with nature.

But what types of activities can help you experience the full thrill and wonder that mountain adventures have to offer?

Let's explore a few that are not only exciting but also daring and perfectly suited for those who are still young at heart, no matter the age they might be.

Marvel at the Mountains from a Hot Air Balloon

Even though there are countless ways to explore mountains, few allow you to take in its grandeur as well as taking to the skies and seeing how it looks from above.

Problem is, many of the potential methods of flight aren't really suited for mountain ranges. Some of them are flat out dangerous, and next to impossible, while others are way too fast to be able to marvel at the sights around you.

But that's where a hot air balloon can be theperfect solution.

hot air balloons over mountain range

Instead of having to race through the sky, you can sit back and marvel at the beauty of the mountain in one of the most peaceful, slow-paced, and quiet modes of transportation available.

As you slowly go around the stunning mountains and above the surrounding nature, you can take in the full spectacle of the landscape and enjoy the changing scenery from the best angle possible.

Even though taking to the soaring skies in a hot air balloon can be a challenge for those that are afraid of heights, the rewards of the experience are usually well worth it.

Seeing the sun slowly set and paint the mountain peaks in gold is a sight that's hard to describe without experiencing it yourself. And with the peace and quiet that the hot air balloon can offer, you won't have to worry about any distractions. making the most out of the experience.

Take a Trek Off the Beaten Path

If you visit a mountain range that's frequented by visitors, you will likely find plenty of hiking trails of varying degrees of difficulty, designed to see some of the more interesting and beautiful sights in a more accessible way.

However, while most of these hikes can be very rewarding on their own, those who feel like they need a bigger challenge or want a more unique experience, taking a more challenging trekking trip might be a better choice.

people trekking on a mountain

The main difference between hiking and trekking is that trekking usually doesn't go through existing paths, with those embarking on the journey often forging their own path through areas rarely walked by other people.

Because trekking revolves around remote locations, that also means that you will likely have to go on a multi-day journey until you are able to reach your destination.

The challenging nature of a trek is something that discourages many people from trying it. However, those that love hiking eventually find that only trekking allows them to truly experience luscious nature that hasn't been touched by humanity through thousands of years.

What's more, trekking allows seeing how much you can push your body and mind through the various challenges that arise. And that can build confidence and character that translates into all parts of life.

If you plan your trip accordingly, you might not necessarily have to go on foot and could use an electric mountain bike to move faster, even on rougher terrain.

Explore the Vast Maze of Caves

For most people, the biggest fascination with mountains is their sheer size and magnitude when seen from the outside. But in most cases, that size also means that there are quite a few fascinating cave formations that can sometimes stretch for miles.

These caves can contain history from millions of years ago, including rare species, unique geological phenomenon, and a breathtaking experience for those that dare to descend into the darkness.

cave hiking

Obviously, caving can be very dangerous, especially without proper training and experience, which is why those who want to try it should definitely find a qualified instructor and a guide that thoroughly knows the specific caves.

But descending into the hidden underworld that hasn't seen the light of day and discovering its breathtaking secrets is something that many people become addicted to from the first time they try it.

So, while you may feel uncomfortable about entering a dark and narrow cave, the potential beautiful sights and eerie experience might make it one of your biggest passions.

Descend with a Zipline Adventure

Seeing the mountains from different angles is crucial if you want to take in the complete experience that the scenery can offer. That’s why ziplining is an increasingly popular way to race through a heart-pounding adventure above some of the most beautiful sights of the area that you are visiting.

zip lining over mountains

The sheer speed of the experience alone is enough to be an enticing factor. There's virtually no other safe way to achieve such speeds as you're blazing past trees, rocks, and mountains, providing you not only with stunning sights, but with a unique thrill as well.

In fact, gathering yourself to take the plunge off the platform with nothing but a rope holding you from plunging down is an act that requires courage, which just adds to the thrill and the reward of pushing yourself forward despite the fear.

Another reason why ziplining is such a fun adventure is its unique advantages.

Zipline courses can be set up in some of the most remote and difficult-to-access locations, providing you with a way to see the scenery up close even if you wouldn't be able to access it any other way.

When you go on a zipline adventure, you don't have to dedicate a lot of time to it as well. Even if you have just a few hours, many zipline courses are very easy to access, which means that you can get to experience some of the most thrilling sights of the area quickly.

Enjoy the Views on an Electric Mountain Bike

Mountain biking is undoubtedly one of the most thrilling adventures that you can embark on when in nature. It's probably the most effective mode of transportation through the mountains, allowing you to go through even the narrowest of trails and taking you to the most remote parts of the area.

But even though mountain biking has many health benefits, at the same time, it can be one of the most physically challenging ways to explore the scenery. Pedaling up the summits can take out even the most athletically-prepared people before they can reach their destination.

electric mountain bike riding

That's why an electric mountain bike can be the perfect solution for those that want to enjoy all the thrills of taking on the mountains with a bicycle while avoiding the grueling part of propelling the entire weight up a steep mountain for miles at a time.

Especially, if you take the time to find the best electric mountain bike options that are available.

When working with a reputable online seller, you will usually have a wide variety of bike styles to choose from according to your personal needs and can rest assured that your journey will be comfortable and convenient. 

Today’s electric mountain bikes are not only able to withstand the wear and tear of rough roads and paths but can also assist you through some of the rougher stretches, preserving your energy and getting you further on your journey.

An electric mountain bike can have enough juice for even a lengthy journey, giving you more flexibility and with the ability to confidently plan trips to some of the more remote parts of the mountain range.

electric mountain bike riders

Together with advanced suspension solutions, the fat tire electric bikes will take you wherever you want to go and will provide a smooth ride that will help you power through some of the rougher stretches.

Compared to trekking or hiking, going on a journey with an electric mountain bike will allow you to cover a lot more ground quickly, helping you see more of the stunning nature in the time that you have available.

You can even opt for a foldable electric bike if you’re worried about how much space the bikes might take up when transporting it.

Sleep Under the Stars

When you go on an electric mountain bike adventure, you may want to wander off into areas that are more remote and aren't accessible on a day trip. But that might actually be a good thing, as it will provide you with the opportunity to enjoy one of the most breathtaking sights that mountains can provide - the million-dollar view of the star-studded night sky.

camping under the stars

Because there's virtually no light pollution in the mountains, you can enjoy some of the most breathtaking views of the skies that you could find, seeing stars and constellations that you probably didn't even know were there.

Setting up camp in a remote location will also allow you to take a break from the fast-paced life in a city and enjoy complete silence, broken only by the relaxing sounds of nature all around you.

Watching the sun set and then rise above the mountain peaks is a sight to behold on its own, which is just one of the reasons why so many people choose to go on an electric mountain bike adventure in the first place.

Go on a Thrilling Rafting Adventure

Where there are mountains, there are also usually rivers. And that means that if you don't want to explore the scenic nature on land, you can take to the water and have a thrilling experience of a lifetime on a raft.

Rafting has become incredibly popular because it not only takes you through parts of the mountain range that are harder to access but also has an unforgettable thrill element.

white water rafting

Depending on the route that you choose, you could experience dazzling speeds as you descend through the river, avoiding obstacles and racing through the curves as you try to outmaneuver the rapid current.

Even though rafting might seem dangerous, there are usually plenty of routes, with some being completely safe and manageable even without any previous experience.

Rafting is perfect for larger groups as well, since many of the adventures use larger rafts that can fit as much as a dozen people. With a qualified instructor, you will know exactly what to do at all times and will avoid any dangerous situations by simply following their instructions.

One of the best things about rafting is the fact that it doesn't have to take up a lot of time either. You could even combine rafting with your electric mountain bike adventure, driving to a starting point yourself and continuing your journey through the wilderness on water.

The beautiful sights, the thrilling adventure, and a good time with your friends and family is a perfect combination that makes for one of the best ways to explore nature and refresh yourself with splashing water on a hot summer's day.

Final Words

Conquering the mountains is one of the truly fundamental human experiences. 

Whether you go on a leisurely hike, want to explore the true wilderness on a trekking or an electric mountain bike adventure, or even take to the water and descend a river on a raft, there are plenty of thrilling activities to choose from for people of all ages and preferences.

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