Real People Talking About Ebikes, Episode #1

April 01, 2017

real people talking about ebikes

As owners of an ebike store, we love electric bikes, and we love talking with people about ebikes.

Most of our conversations take place on the phone, with new or existing customers, and sometimes we can get our suppliers to open up and tell us about the industry from their perspective.

Sometimes we get tired of everything being virtual and online, and we want to have real world experiences. Well it's actually pretty easy to find people who are riding ebikes, and who want to share their love of ebikes with anyone who will listen. We think this is really helpful information, so that you can see what real people are saying about their electric bikes. In their own words.

So we set out to record short interviews with ebike owners, to find out what got them interested in ebikes, how they use their ebikes, and anything else they feel like sharing with other eco-minded citizens. It didn't matter whether we carried the model or not, just what the person had to say in their own words.

The video below is the first in a series of interviews with Real People talking about their love of ebikes. We hope you enjoy watching these conversations as much as we enjoyed recording them.

The videos in this series were shot when I first started Really Good Ebikes in 2017, when I was still living in Santa Barbara. 


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