Real People Talking About Ebikes (and E-Scooters), Episode #11

May 24, 2017

Real People Talking About Ebikes (and E-Scooters), Episode #11-Really Good eBikes

We talking with our new friend in Santa Barbara, who was kind enough to tell us about his electric scooter. This stand-on 3-wheel electric scooter is quite similar to the PET Pro Flex 500 personal transportation electric scooter carried by Really Good Electric. These are easy to use, affordable and 100% stable transportation alternative vehicle to help people with limited mobility get around.

pet pro flex 500 personal electric mobility scooter control

Our friend tells us that the scooter makes it easy for him to get around the Farmer’s Market, going up and down State Street. He says when you get older you need something like this. He can ride for about 6 hours on one charge if you don’t go too fast (that’s 12 one-half hour rides).


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