Real People Talking About Ebikes, Episode #8

May 17, 2017

Real People Talking About Ebikes, Episode #8

It's #bikemonth in Santa Barbara, and in this episode of Real People Talking About Ebikes, we're at a CycleMAYnia event at Paseo Nuevo, where we found an ebike family.

This guy is riding a E-Joe Epik SE, one of the most popular ebikes we carry at Really Good Electric Bikes. He bought it used from a guy in town off of Craigslist (it was a rep’s demo bike). He learned from the rep about the ebike batteries and how the technology has really improved over the last few years, and how new lithium ion batteries can be charged thousands of times before they need to be replaced. Originally he was just looking for a folding bike, but when he discovered a folding bike that was also electric, he figured he’d go for it.

He originally thought he would put a bike seat on the back for his kid, but ended up adding a trail bike. His kid loves it. He’s like “dad, go faster, hit the accelerator, c’mon pass mom, dad, let’s do it”. Tons of family fun, for sure!


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