Real People Talking About Ebikes, Episode #9

February 07, 2021

Real People Talking About Ebikes, Episode #9

In this Episode #9 of Real People Talking About Ebikes, we met Dave from New Zealand, who tells us that he got introduced to the fat wheel ebikes in Seattle, Washington, and it’s just the best thing around.

What he loves most about ebikes that when you get tired the bike doesn’t. And when the wind comes up, it’s got your back.

Dave says that there is a big demand for ebikes among the 65+ year old crowd, He says that in New Zealand, ebikes are selling for between $2,700 and $5,000 USD, and therefore so many older people are buying them. You know, we all thought that riding bikes was behind us. We used to love riding bikes as children, then you get up to our age, and you think I can’t do that anymore - well, yes you can.

This Rad ebike has a rear hub motor, 4-inch Kenda fat tires, a downtube-mounted lithium ion battery, and cockpit controls including the pedal assist switch, throttle-on-demand twist throttle, gear shifter, brake levers, and LED control panel.

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