Revi Cheetah Ebike: What Are Reviewers Saying About The Cheetah

August 11, 2022

Revi Cheetah Ebike

Revi Cheetah Beach Cruiser

The elegant yet powerful Revi Cheetah Fat Tire Electric Bike is one of our most asked about ebikes. This retro-styled cruiser is not just one of our customers' favorites, it's also highly regarded by a number of independent electric bike reviewers.

The Revi Cheetah has the vintage style of a cafe racer motorcycle, with its sweptback cruiser handlebars, teardrop gas tank, large LED headlamp and double-stanchion fork. Perfectly styled accessories include a heavy-duty rear rack and black/leather pannier bags, black fenders and a metal light grill. 

couple outside riding revi cheetah ebikes


But the Cheetah is not just about cool looks. It's a high performance electric bike, featuring a powerful 750W rear hub motor, which is paired with a long-range 48V/17Ah battery with Samsung cells. You can ride the Cheetah like a conventional bike, smoothly shifting through the 7-speed Shimano Altus drivetrain, but when you need a booth, turn on the 5-level Pedal Assist System (PAS) and it will feel like your riding on a magic carpet. And if you give the right-side, half-grip twist throttle a twist, you can cruise along without having to pedal. 

The Revi Cheetah Plus includes some upgrades not found on the Original Cheetah, including:

  • Black frame with leather-wrapped black tank cover and heat-stamped Revi logo
  • Adjustable stem for a more upright riding posture
  • Kenda puncture-resistant fat tires with reflective stripes
  • New brighter LED headlight design
  • New wider, thicker and softer sprung saddle
  • USB charging port on handlebar
  • Larger full-color display with additional functionality

In an earlier blog post we shared a few of the many customer reviews we've  received for the Revi Cheetah. As you can see, our customers really love this ebike, and it's also one of our favorites and bestsellers. And with the introduction of the Cheetah Mini in late 2022, we hope to see some customer reviews and pro reviews of this new model coming soon.

In this post, we are sharing what the professional ebike reviewers are saying.

Electric Bike Review (EBR) Revi Cheetah Review

Electric Bike Review is the foremost ebike reviewer in the US today. Court Rye and his team provide comprehensive reviews both in writing and video form, and we love how detailed their reviews are.

Even though their review of the Civi Cheetah is a few years old, and predates the release of the new Revi Cheetah Plus, EBR does an amazing job of reviewing the pros and cons of the Cheetah.

In the video review below, we get to see the Revi Cheetah in action, and the guys at Electric Bike Review (EBR) provide a ton of useful information about this unique electric bike. You will also get to hear from a local shop owner, who was one of the first shops carry the Revi Cheetah in southern California. You will hear about his initial experience when he test rode the Revi Cheetah, and some of the great suggestions he made to Revi about improvements that could be made to this model even more awesome. They also provide some great advise for heavier riders looking to buy a new fat tire electric bike.

Electrified Reviews: Revi Cheetah

Brent McCluskey and his team at Electrified Reviews provide detailed and honest reviews of electric bikes, and they have actually reviewed the Cheetah twice since its release several years ago.

You can read their original review of the Cheetah and watch their video below. In this review, Brent says that the Revi Cheetah is "an incredibly comfortable and stylish cruiser style electric bike with plenty of power and range for those extended rides through the city."

Now that Revi has released the upgraded Cheetah Plus Fat Tire Electric Beach Cruiser, we are fortunate to have a new review by Brent McCluskey and his team at Electrified Reviews. You can read their write up of the Cheetah Plus here, and watch the video review below. 

As he describes, the Cheetah Plus is a "fat tire Harley Davidson style electric bike" which not only looks like one but rides like one too. He calls the Cheetah Plus "a rock star of electric bikes" and a head turner. In this video you will hear his views on what sets this bike apart from the crowd.

The Inja's Revi Cheetah Review

The Inja is a well-known YouTube reviewer of electric vehicles, including electric motorcycles and electric bikes. You might call The Inja an EV Influencer.

In his recent review, The Inja says the Chetah Plus is basically a motorcycle that you do not need a license to ride. He also says that the Cheetah Plus is the nicest ebikes he has had the pleasure of riding and reviewing. Check out the full video review below.

Grant J's Cheetah Review

Grant J is an outdoor enthusiast from New Zealand, who has reviewed a number of electric bikes over the years. Here he provides his honest opinion of the Revi Cheetah, which is call the Scout in New Zealand.

In his review of the Civi Scout (aka Revi Cheetah) Grant J goes over all the key specifications and features of the bike, and believes as far as ebikes go, the Cheetah is hard to beat when it comes to style. and that with its fat tires and suspension seat, the ride is pretty smooth. Grant J says:

"I like it. I think it's a pretty cool bike. Obviously it's fantastic looking and surprisingly functional. Sometimes you see these or bikes or gear that you buy that perhaps is made to look more stylish than it is functional, whereas this one actually I think is a nice combination of both. So if I was in the market for a commuting style of a bike for kicking around my local town or perhaps commuting to work, I would buy one."

Area 13 Cheetah Review

Next us, we have a review from Area 13, a local ebike store in Grass Valley, California. Although they are a competitor of ours, we value their review of the Revi Cheetah Electric Bike. Although this reviewer initially stated that electric cruisers are not for him, he explains why he eventually grew to love the Cheetah.

Area 13 describes the Cheetah Ebike as the most comfortable electric bike he's ever ridden. In the video below, you can tag along as they take the Cheetah out on the road and go though all of the display functions. You will hear their honest opinion on the Cheetah, including their thoughts on the pros and cons of the design of this model.

Tower Electric Bike Co. Cheetah Review

Tower Electric Bikes is a manufacturer of electric beach cruisers, as well as an ebike reviewer. They prepared a detailed review of the Revi Cheetah, as well as the following video review. Oddly, Tower only gives the Cheetah a rating of 51 out of 100, and calls the bike mediocre. We obviously disagree with this conclusion, but still thinks it's worth sharing so that you know what others are saying about one of our most popular electric bikes. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see from these various reviews, the Revi Cheetah Electric Bike is highly regarded, both for its incredible retro style as well as its performance. 

If you have any questions about the Cheetah, or any other ebike for that matter, don’t hesitate to reach out. We would love to hear from you.

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Tina Gray

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This is very helpful putting all the reviewers reviews together in one place. And I must say, listing a low level review from a competitor takes a lot of integrity.

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