Why Electric Beach Cruiser Bikes Are So Awesome

July 31, 2020

Why Electric Beach Cruiser Bikes Are So Awesome

Beach cruisers are one of the hottest styles of bicycles world right now, and that’s not surprising. 

A beach cruiser bike is not only incredibly stylish, but it is also designed to be as comfortable as possible. The name itself actually comes from how the bike’s handlebars are positioned, allowing the rider to enjoy a laid-back and relaxed riding posture. 

Because of the unique design of a cruiser bike, it has become incredibly popular in all age groups. But it’s especially loved by baby boomers, who want cycling to bring joy and be a comfortable experience. 

But what makes these types of bikes so great? And is an electric beach cruiser bike really the perfect e-bike for a baby boomer?

Let’s look at some of the biggest advantages of beach bikes below.

What is a Beach Cruiser Bike? 

Beach cruiser bikes are a subgroup of cruiser bikes that are specially designed for riding on beaches (as the name would imply). As mentioned before, cruisers are designed to provide the most comfort possible, which is achieved by the use of unique frame geometry and bike components.

The main distinguishing feature of cruiser bikes is their frame design, which immediately captures the eye and is one of the most beautiful bikes out there.


x-treme catalina cruiser style ebike


Although you may find different types of bikes that look quite similar,cruiser style electric bikes typically have an upright handlebar and a wide, comfortable seat, both of which are ideal for those that don’t want to strain themselves and want to be as comfortable as possible when riding.

Another common feature of a beach cruiser bicycle is its balloon or fat tires, which act as a buffer between you and uneven terrain and make riding more comfortable.

Reasons for Choosing a Beach Cruiser Bike

Now that we’ve understood what a beach cruiser bike is, let’s dive deeper into the specific reasons why these types of bikes make for a perfect gift, either for yourself or for those that you care about.

They Look Great

When choosing a bicycle, most people focus on the functionality that the bike can provide. But while that’s certainly vital, you can’t underestimate the importance that aesthetics can play in the decision making as well.

And while in some cases, you have to compromise on beauty to get the riding features you require, an electric beach cruiser bike doesn’t have those types of limitations.

The exceptional design of a cruiser bike has made it an instant classic in the cycling community, especially because of the smooth curves of the frame.


x-treme laguna cruising style ebike


The best part is that with a beach cruiser bike, you can have all of the amazing features while still buying a bicycle that will get people excited. 

Here are a couple of cruise bike options that we have available: 

  • Classic. The classic cruiser bike is known for its original distinct features - the wide seat, upright handlebar, and a sturdy and broad frame that’s up for any challenge. 
  • Low-Rider. If you want a truly exceptional look for the beach cruiser bike, you can’t go wrong with the low-rider, like our signature Revi Cheetah retro style electric bike. Inspired by the classic motorbike, this bicycle features a longer seat for extra comfort, wide handlebars, and a smooth frame design that will turn heads wherever you go. 

Ultimate Comfort

For some people, cycling is a way to burn off calories. For others, it’s a means to reach a destination as quickly as possible. In both of these instances, a road bike might be the better option, as they are designed to push the rider to the limit of their ability. 

But for comfort, it’s hard to beat what a beach cruiser e-bike can offer, as it’s designed to make the experience of the person riding it as pleasant as possible. 

For one thing, it has an upright and wide handlebar, perfect for sitting straight and enjoying the scenery around you as you stroll through the beach.


x-treme malibu electric bike


Another reason why these types of bikes are so comfortable is the wide seat. Because of its width and design, you don’t have to displace your weight and can comfortably relax, allowing you to cycle for longer and avoid strain to your muscles.

Finally, the balloon tires ensure that you will enjoy a smooth riding experience, without having to worry about bumps that could tire you out quickly.

The people who enjoy riding on a beach cruiser electric bike want it because it is not designed to rush from point A to point B, but to instead make the entire journey as pleasant as possible.

Enjoy Longer Rides

If you have prior back problems, you may find that a cruiser bike will be much more comfortable and allow you to cycle longer distances with ease.

Unlike road bikes or mountain bikes, that force you to put a lot of weight on your arms, upright handlebars found on a cruiser bike are much easier on the back.

Most people find that riding an electric cruiser time helps prevent physical discomfort, which means that you can enjoy longer rides without having to worry about pain.


revi civi cheetah electric bike


Some people avoid cycling simply because they haven’t found a bicycle that suits them. With a cruiser bicycle, you might rediscover the joy of riding a bike, especially when you can take advantage of the electrical assistance that our cruiser bikes offer.

It Helps to Stay Active

One of the most important goals for people of all ages is to maintain a healthy activity level that keeps their body in good shape.

And while there are plenty of ways to do that, few are as rewarding as riding through the beach on an electric cruiser bicycle that allows you to choose how challenging you want the ride to be.

In fact, cycling offers arange of benefits that not only help stay in shape but promote mental health as well.

And when choosing a beach cruiser electric bike, you can instantly remove one of the biggest obstacles that prevent some people from enjoying the full benefits that cycling can offer.

As you probably know, cycling can sometimes be quite challenging, especially when pedaling through rougher terrain or up a hill. For people in retirement, these types of obstacles can sometimes be hard to overcome and reduce the joy of the entire activity.

In these instances, having an electric beach bike can make a huge difference.

An electric bike provides significant assistance through the more difficult stretches, making hill climbs or rougher terrain a breeze. That, in turn, makes the entire journey more pleasant and allows you to take much longer trips than would otherwise be possible.

All cruiser bikes also come with multiple gears, allowing you to find the perfect balance of how challenging you want the ride to be. That means that no matter what your current physical fitness level might be, you can find a riding setting that works for you.

Electric cruiser bikes work just like regular bikes, allowing you to change gears depending on the terrain. But with an electric bike, you can also rely on the motor, which can help you pedal or even remove pedaling altogether if you’re feeling tired and just want to reach your destination.  

This way, you can still get a good physical workout if you want to, but you can also choose to enjoy a laid-back ride without straining yourself too much.

Beach Cruisers Are the Perfect Mode of Transportation

Just because a beach cruiser is known for its comfort and its laid-back riding style, doesn’t mean that it can’t be used as a very practical and stylishmode of transportation.

Because of that, a cruiser e-bike could be used not only for occasional rides but also for daily transportation when running various errands.

A comfortable bicycle like the cruiser can reduce the time spent in traffic jams and allow you to enjoy the beautiful scenery as you ride through parks, beaches, and other recreational areas.

With more cities adopting bike-friendly infrastructure solutions such as bike lanes and paths, it’s now easier than ever to use a bicycle as a primary means of transportation.

On top of that, using a bicycle as your main mode of transportation means you don’t have to worry about the numerous expenses that go into maintaining a car. As you probably know, various taxes, insurance, gas, and even fines can be a real nuisance, especially if you don’t really need the car that often.

Because our electric cruiser bikes can provide you with as much assistance as necessary, you don’t have to worry about tiring yourself out and can feel confident about riding wherever you need to go.

With e-bikesbecoming increasingly popular, cycling is no longer reserved for the young. Those nearing retirement can also use a cruiser bike as an effective means of transportation, utilizing the electric bike motor on challenging stretches and hills. 

Cycling is Eco-Friendly

More and more people are becoming aware of the impact that transportation has on the environment. But for many, making a change for the better is hard, especially since finding a convenient substitute for a car can seem almost impossible.

As mentioned before, a cruiser bike is a perfect choice because it helps avoid traffic jams and stay active while taking care of daily errands. 

But at the same time, every mile that you cycle instead of using a car helps to reduce the carbon footprint, which can make a significant difference over time.

Our cruiser electric bicycles can be the answer for those that want to live a more sustainable lifestyle while still remaining independent when getting around town.

Cycling Helps Maintain Relationships

Even though riding down the beach with a cruiser bike is fun on its own, it’s not nearly as fun if you don’t have anyone to share it with. But the great thing about cycling is that it’s a very communal activity, meaning that it’s very easy to build relationships and make new friends while enjoying it.

There are thousands of cycling groups and communities across the country, and they are very welcoming of new members that want to join in. For many, cycling can become not just a way to exercise or reach a destination, but a way of life and a hobby that they are passionate about.

Taking regular rides on beach cruiser bikes is also a great way to maintain a strong relationship with the spouse and family. Enjoying the scenery and discovering new places together is a very bonding activity and something that’s easy to accommodate, depending on the fitness level and schedule.

Final Words

Even though there are plenty of electric bicycle options out there, few can compare to the electric beach cruiser bikes in terms of style and comfort. While they may not be the fastest way to get around on two wheels, they are certainly one of the most enjoyable, especially if you opt for the beach cruiser electric bike that will provide you with much more flexibility.

These and many other reasons make a beach cruiser the perfect choice. It will not only help the person to stay more active and get around more easily, but will also serve as a way to stay healthy, explore beautiful nature, and make new friends in the process.

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Jamie Rhoads
Jamie Rhoads

August 30, 2020

This was very informative. I always wondered why some ebikes have fat tires. Now I know. Thanks.

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