Fat Tire Electric Bikes

Do you want to take ebike riding to the next level of fun and excitement?

Then you have to try a Fat Tire Electric Bike. Fat Tire Bikes (conventional or electric) are basically defined as any bike with with tires that are 4 inches or more in width.

They were created by mountain bikers, but have now become popular in all sorts of riding locations.


Fat Tire eBikes come in a number of different frame styles, and are not limited to off-road uses anymore.

In fact, many riders choose fat tire bikes for their urban commutes, or just cruising around town, because they offer excellent shock absorption without the need for a suspension fork or rear absorber. 

With their fat tires, Fat Ebikes are great for riding on gravel, sand and snow, floating over the soft surfaces rather than sinking in.

Some of our best selling fat tire bikes include the Bam Nomad-Supreme and the Eunorau Fat-HDCheck out our full collection of fat tire electric bikes below.