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Folding Ebikes at Really Good Electric Bikes

It's hard to believe, but some of the best ebikes on the market can fold up for compact storage.

Folding electric bikes are a great choice for many types of riders, including people who travel and want to be able to store their bike in a car truck, or in the hold of a plane or boat.

folding electric bike

Foldable electric bikes are also a great choice for urban dwellers, who may commute to work and want to fold their bike while on a bus or train; and for people living in small homes or apartments.

Folding ebikes are diverse in design, with a variety of folding mechanisms, frame styles and sizes, and battery placement options.

Typically the folding bike will have a strong hinge that is located near the center of the frame tube, which you unclamp to fold the ebike.

Many of the foldable electric bikes we carry integrate the battery into the frame of the bike, which both hides it from public view and contributes to even weight distribution and improved balance.

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