Eunorau Specter-ST 1000W Step-Thru Electric Mountain Bike

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Powerful 1000W Bafang Ultra Mid Drive Motor w/ Torque & Speed Sensors

48V/14Ah Downtube-Integrated w/ Samsung Cells - Dual Battery Option Available

Front and Rear Hydraulic Disc Brakes w/ Auto Motor Cutoff Sensors

11-Speed SRAM NX Drivetrain

5-Level Pedal Assist System w/ Thumb Throttle 


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Introducing Specter-ST

The Specter-ST from Eunorau (pronounced U-Nor-O) is a high-end step-through electric mountain bike featuring premium components throughout and some truly innovative ebike technology.

It has been designed for the most rugged outdoor riding conditions, with an aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum alloy frame, step-through mountain bike frame, hydraulic disc brakes with automatic motor cutoffs, and puncture-resistant tires.

The electronics are top-notch, including the Bafang Ultra mid-drive engine system and an integrated dual battery configuration for longer rides per charge. The Specter-ST is ideal for off-road enthusiasts, mountain bikers, and hunters alike.

Electrek Reviews Specter-ST

The Specter-ST was favorably reviewed by independent ebike expert Micah Toll at Electrek. His full written review is worth reading, and you can watch the video review below. His conclusion?  " When it’s all said and done though, I love this thing. None of those little things matter, and my smile is as wide as the tires, the whole ride through. I think the Specter-ST is an amazing top of the line internet-order bike. My professional estimate would see a comparable bikes set at the $8,000 mark, when this one starts off at just $3,799. I mean, even if you went all out and got every single upgrade, warranty, and accessory available, it would still only put you at $5,289. For a serious eMTB, that’s not bad."


Specter-ST Description

The Eunorau Specter-ST step-thru, a mid-drive electric mountain bike is perfect for off-road adventures - a favorite for hunting and fishing trips. While technically a step-through bike, the Specter-ST is about trails and dirt.

If you need an electric mountain bike with incredible hill-climbing and towing capability, the Specter-ST is for you. This model features the highly capable 48-volt Bafang M620 Ultra Mid-Drive System, which includes the G510 mid-drive motor.

The Ultra motor has a nominal output of 1000 watts (1500W peak output), and up to 160 Newton Meters (Nm) of torque, unmatched in the world of ebikes.

This mid-drive motor uses one torque sensor and 2-speed sensors, creating a highly responsive and efficient.

The torque sensor is ideal for slow and technical rides over very diverse terrain.

The motor can be programmed to operate at a maximum of 750W for use in restricted areas.


bafang ultra motor


The heavy-duty full-suspension frame of the Specter-ST is hand-crafted from 6061 aluminum, giving the bike incredible strength.

It is offered in 17” and 18.5” frame sizes, and comes in matte black with futuristic mechanical graphics.

The inverted front shock is made by Eunorau and provides up to 140mm of travel.

The rear shock is DNM model A0-42RC, which features a dark hard-anodized AL-7075 ∅10 mm ( 0.39”) damper shaft, adjustments for rebound, lockout and high pressure, and delivers up to 190mm of travel.

Cables are threaded through the frame for a clean design.

The battery is integrated into the downtube portion of the frame, with the option for a second battery added on top of the downtube.

The Specter-ST has 5 levels of pedal assist, allowing you to finely adjust how much power the motor puts out.

It also features a thumb throttle, which allows for riding without pedaling (very stealthy).

The Specter-ST comes with a downtube-integrated 48V/14Ah battery, providing an added level of stealth and aerodynamics to the frame. This battery is designed with Samsung cells.

If you really want to extend the range of your ride, there is an option to buy a second battery with 48V/14Ah or 48V/17Ah specs, which mounts on top of the downtube.

The controller adjusts the draw from each battery automatically based on voltage and demand.

The range these batteries are capable of achieving will vary based on a number of significant factors, including terrain, load, and demand. Please use our Ebike Range Calculator to estimate your expected range per charge.

The Specter-ST is a very capable fat tire electric hunting bike, designed especially for natural trails and rugged off-road terrain.

You will appreciate the highly responsive torque sensor, that will make slow technical riding feel natural and intuitive.

This electric mountain bike is a favorite of hunters, allowing you to travel great distances to follow game, monitor cameras, visit remote watering spots, and easy mounting and dismounting the bike.

Kenda's first line of defense since 1995: a layer of light, flexible rubber containing aramid and ceramic particles inside the tire, under the tread area only. This has been designed to prevent punctures and increase tire life.


kenda juggernaut pro fat tire


These tires will provide excellent traction and stability on uneven and gravel surfaces, and can be ridden on snow and sand. For a wider footprint, you can deflate the tires down to 5psi, or pump them up to 30psi when you ride on paved surfaces and want a more responsive feel and performance.

When it comes to stopping with authority, the Specter-ST does not disappoint. It features a hydraulic brake system with 180mm stainless steel rotors front and rear, and automatic brake/motor cutoff sensors, so you will never risk motor acceleration during braking.

Electric bikes are an excellent form of transportation, even a highly specialized ebike like the Specter-ST. They can be ridden in bike lanes and other areas where cars are prohibited; they have zero emissions and are therefore a greener, ecologically-friendly alternative to cars.

Ultra Mid-Drive Motor

The Specter-S was designed and engineered around the unparalleled power and performance of the Bafang Ultra 1000W mid-drive motor, with its game-changing torque and dual-speed sensors. These highly sensitive sensors record data on crank torque, vehicle speed, and pedal rotation speed, ensuring precise control of the bike while achieving the highest possible efficiency. The Ultra motor can be programmed down to 750W for street use.

The new Bafang Ultra mid-drive electric motor looks similar to other mid-drive electric bicycle motors from Bosch, Panasonic and Brose, but it's a next-generation ebike motor like no other. Don’t be fooled by the 1,000W nominal motor output specification; under the hood, the Bafang Ultra is capable of pulling 1,600W from the battery using only its stock settings.

At 160 newton meters (Nm), the torque rating on the Bafang Ultra is also through the roof; it is far more torque than any other mid-drive on the market today. The best and latest models from other industry leaders are only now reaching 90 Nm, meaning the Bafang Ultra packs well over twice the torque of most of its competitors. That translates into wheelie popping, seat-of-the-pants thrill riding that most people have never experienced before on a bicycle.

To increase the torque, Bafang started with a much larger diameter motor than is conventionally used for ebike mid-drives. Its larger diameter rotor means the motor can pull harder against its magnets, providing extra high power and torque. That larger diameter also increases efficiency, as the relative speed of the magnets passing by the motor coils is faster. The magnets on the Bafang Ultra are also mounted slightly further from the copper coils, which keeps them cooler, also increasing efficiency.

The Bafang Ultra’s internal controller is also optimized for extremely high power. Most mid-drive motors use 6 MOSFETs, the small internal circuits that control power flow to the motor. But the Bafang Ultra doubles the standard with 12 MOSFETs. That opens the door to higher power and less energy lost as heat waste.

The Bafang Ultra also uses triple gear reduction inside the motor, unlike the double reduction found in most competitors. The gears are helical-cut, which helps reduce noise. Of course, it won’t be nearly as whisper quiet as Brose’s famous belt reduction mid-drives, or the Bafang BBHSD motor with its Teflon gears, but it certainly won’t be as loud as the old school straight cut gears still found in some mid-drives.

Lastly, the Bafang Ultra incorporates a torque-sensing ISIS bottom bracket. That results in extra smooth power application that mimics a rider’s natural pedal force (but amplified many times, of course). 

Specter-ST Specifications

  • MOTOR: 48V1000W Bafang M620/M510 (Ultra) Mid-Drive Motor System w/ Torque and Speed Sensors; 160Nm Torque
  • BATTERY TYPE: Downtube-Integrated 48V/14Ah (17Ah Optional) w/ Samsung Cells + Optional 2nd Battery (Dual Mount Design)
  • FRAME: 18.5" Aluminum Alloy 6061 Step-Thru with Front Suspension
  • FORK: Suspension Fork w/ 140mm Travel
  • SHOCK: DNM AO-42RC Rear Absorber w/ 165mm Travel
  • THROTTLE: Thumb Throttle
  • DISPLAY: TFT 860C LCD Color Display (860C Manual)
  • LIGHTS: Front LED Head and Taillight
  • RIMS: 27.5" Black Alloy Rims
  • SPOKES: Stainless Steel
  • HANDLEBAR: 680mm Width
  • TIRES: 27.5" x 2.8" Kenda Tires (Tire model may vary due to supply shortages)
  • GEARS: SRAM NX 11-Speed Drivetrain
  • SPROCKET: 40T Bafang Chain-Wheel Crank
  • BRAKES: Front and Rear Hydraulic Disc Brakes w/ 180mm Rotors and Automatic Motor Inhibitors
  • PEDALS: High-Quality Nylon Pedals
  • MAX SPEED: 35 Mph
  • WEIGHT: 79 Lbs.
  • BOX DIMENSIONS & WEIGHT: 67" x 13" x 33" (101 Lbs.)
  • BRAZONS: Attachment Points for Fenders & Rear Rack
  • TOOLS: Tools for Final Assembly Included
  • SHIPPING: Free shipping to the lower 48. We are unable to ship this brand to Alaska or Canada at this time. For shipments to Hawaii,please send us your shipping address and the products you want, and we will find the best rate available.

Eunorau Ebike User Manual

Electrified Reviews Eunorau Specter-ST Review

In this video review, we have Brent McCluskey from Electrified Reviews, a well-respected veteran ebike reviewer. He and his team are known for their genuine and thorough reviews of electric bikes.

You can read their written review of the Specter-ST, and watch the video review below. 


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  • How much does it weigh

    86 lbs.

  • Reccomended rider height is 5' 11" to 6' 1".? Thats a very small window. Is this correct?

    Sorry, that was a mistake on our part. Thanks for pointing it out. A more precise rider height for the Specter-ST is 5'-3" - 6'-4".