Eunorau Fat-HD & Fat-HS Electric Bikes: What Pro Reviewers Are Saying

August 13, 2022

Eunorau Fat-HD & Fat-HS Electric Bikes: What Pro Reviewers Are Saying

Eunorau Fat-HD & Fat-HS Fat Tire Electric Bikes

The Eunorau Fat-HD and Fat-HS are two of the high performance mid-drive electric mountain bikes engineered and built by the Eunorau (pronounced U-Nor-O), a subdivision of Hangzhou BTN E-Bike Co. Founded in 2009, Eunorau - its name a mnemonic for Europe, North America and Australia, the regions where its ebikes are available - has been producing a wide range of affordable electric bikes.

Both the Fat-HD and Fat-HS ebikes were designed with power and performance in mind, and they are highly regarded by customers and professional ebike reviewers alike. In this article, we share some of the noteworthy comments from electric bike reviewers, including Electric Bike Review (EBR) and Electrified Review (ER)

Difference Between The Fat-HD & Fat-HS Ebikes

The Fat-HD and Fat-HS are both superb off-road electric mountain bikes, popular with hunters and outdoor adventurers alike. Both bikes feature durable rims and 26" x 4.0" Kenda Sport fat tires with K-Shield puncture-resistant protection. These tires are purpose-built for rugged terrain, offering exceptional traction and stability.

Both the Fat-HD and Fat-HS come outfitted with the highest quality components, including the highly efficient and powerful Bafang BBSHD 1000W (nominal output) mid-drive motor, which is capable of putting out up to 160Nm of torque. Both bikes feature Promax hydraulic disc brake systems for authoritative stopping power, and automatic motor cutoff sensors for safety.

There are a few key differences between the Fat-HD and Fat-HS, most notably their frame design. While the Fat-HD features an RST Guide front suspension fork and hardtail, the Fat-HS comes with a full-suspension frame. Both bikes offer high-quality battery packs built with Samsung cells, but the Fat-HD has options for a dual battery configuration for longer travel distances per charge. The Fat-HS also features higher-end brakes with quad pistons, and a 9-speed Shimano Deore drivetrain.

Now that you know a little about each of these models, let's find out what the professional reviewers are saying about the Eunorau Fat-HD and Fat-HS fat tire electric mountain bikes.

Electric Bike Review (EBR) Eunorau Fat-HD Review

Let's begin with Electric Bike Review, the foremost electric bike reviewer in the US today. Court Rye and his team at EBR are known for their comprehensive detailed reviews, which come in both written and video formats.

You can read the EBR review of the Eunorau Fat-HD and watch the video review below. In this review, EBR describe the Fat-HD as a really awesome bike and goes right into a walkthrough of the bike's electronics, which is where they believe this bike stands apart from the rest. You will also get to see the power of the Fat-HD as they take it out for a short test ride.

Electrified Reviews Eunorau Fat-HD & Fat-HS

Here we have Brent McCluskey from Electrified Reviews, another well-respected veteran ebike reviewer. He and his team are known for their genuine and thorough reviews of electric bikes.

Electrified Reviews have reviewed both the Eunorau Fat-HD and Fat-HS. You can read their written reviews of the Fat-HD and the Fat-HS, and watch the video reviews below. Let's see what they have to say about these two mid-drive fat tire electric bikes.

First up, the Electrified Reviews coverage of the Eunorau Fat-HD. Electrified Reviews took their time to go through every detail of this model, including all of the display settings. They also go through the advantages of having this mid-drive over the more common rear hub motor option. 

A few years later, Electrified Reviews took on the challenge of reviewing the Fat-HS. In this video, Brent goes through the remarkable features of the Fat-HS, revealing why he describes this bike as "far from the average electric mountain bike". He goes on to explain why this e-mountain bike would work best for trips deep into the backwoods, and down wet muddy trails that are just too extreme for other less formidable ebikes.

Outdoor Zone Fat-HS Review

Outdoor Zone is a well-known reviewer of all things outdoors. They provide detailed reviews on the best outdoor equipment, and tips and tricks on how best to use camping and outdoor gear.

This review of the Fat-HS not only provides you with descriptions and specifications of the bike, but you will also get a glimpse into how this ebike performs in real life outdoor settings on different terrains.

Talon Sei's Review of the Eunorau Fat-HS

Talon Sei is a well-known YouTube influencer who also does reviews of electric vehicles.

Talon goes through each feature of the Fat-HS as he takes it out on a pave path then later on a dirt/rock trail. He talks you through this ride and lets you know exactly how the bike is performing. At the end of the ride he also offers a few suggestions into who this bike is suited for based on it's design and performance.

Electrek.Co Review of The Fat-HS

Electrek is a news and commentary site known for its tracking, analyzing, and breaking news on the transition from fossil-fuel transports to electric transports.

Electrek did both a written and video review of the Eunorau Fat-HS. Read their written review and have a look at their video review below. In this review Mikey goes through the specs of the Fat-HS as he takes on a few river and mountain trails.


As clearly seem from these various reviews, the Eunorau Fat-HD & Fat-HS electric bikes are both highly regarded by professional reviewers, for their incredible components as well as their performance. If you need any more convincing, check out what actual customers are saying, and give us a call to place your order or ask questions if you have them.

If you have any questions about the Eunorau Fat-HD & Fat-HS, or any other ebike for that matter, don’t hesitate to reach out. We would love to hear from you.

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