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Reasons to Consider a Fat Tire Ebike

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Reasons to Consider a Fat Tire Ebike

Fat Tire Ebikes Are Awesome

Did you know that shopping for an electric bike is a little like shopping for a car? Really. When we shop for a car, we have to consider all the things you need the car to do for you, and try to find a vehicle which will be the best match for ourselves and our families.

On the one hand, you may be a solo traveller, who wants wants a sleek convertible sports car that’s super fast and fun to drive, turning heads wherever you go.

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On yet another hand, you might need a 4-door SUV that will comfortably carry the kids and the dog, and have other practical considerations like good gas mileage and the costs of license, registration and insurance.

Well, when shopping for ebikes, you have to go through a similar decision-making process. We need to think about our riding style, how we plan to use our ebikes, and which one will best meet our needs.

20 ebike styles really good electric bikes

Many riders want an easy boarding bike with a step-through frame, front and rear suspension, and internally-geared hub, which eliminate the need for a greasy derailleur. Other riders are looking for very specific components, including throttle control and pedal assist, hydraulic disk brakes, and a mid-drive motor.

Of course we prefer that you go shopping for an electric bicycle rather than a gasoline-powered car or truck. And with recent advances in ebike technology - including high-capacity lithium batteries and torque-sensing, intelligent pedal assist motors - there is no better time to leave the car behind and switch to an electric bike.


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Just imagine the money you will save on gas, parking, registration and licensing, and the time you will save not being stuck in traffic, and the benefits become obviously very quickly. 

Fat Tire Electric Bikes

But this article is about fat tire electric bikes, which are a unique category within the larger ebike marketplace. But before you read any further, be assured that we are not just talking about a type of mountain bike - fat tire bikes, or fat bikes - are suitable for urban environments just as much as off road.


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Just like conventional fat tire bikes, the distinguishing characteristic of fat tire electric bikes are their wide (fat) tires - typically 4” or more in width, typically with knobby tread. BackCountry defines plus size bikes as follows:

“The representative width is typically a 3.0 (as compared to 1.6 to 2.6 for 'standard' MTB tires), but they can range in size from 2.6 inches to 3.2 inches. Big, bigger, biggest: A standard 27.5 tire with 2.1in width, a Plus tire that's 27.5 x 3.0, and a fat bike with 26 x 4.0in wide tires.”


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With more surface area of the tire in contact with the ground, the weight of the bike and rider (and cargo) are spread out. Conventional and plus bikes, by contrast, have tires which range from 1” to 3” inches in width. All of the ebikes discussed in this article have a standard 26-27.5” diameter tires. So without further delay, here are some reasons to consider getting a fat tire electric bike right now.


Freedom To Go When You Have Never Gone Before

With a fat tire electric bike you can travel further and to more remote places than you could on a regular bike. In an urban setting, a fat tire electric bike will smooth out the potholes and curbs, giving you a nicer ride with less wasted exertion. Wet or icy asphalt, gravel, and other urban jungle obstructions become less of a concern, and you will naturally feel more confident and free in your riding ability.


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Fat tire bikes provide improved grip and traction, even in some challenging terrains. In off-road settings a fat tire electric bike really shines. You can smoothly roll over rocks and roots without a problem. And with the help of an electric motor with torque sensors, it is now possible to carve a path through fresh snow, or ride your bike on a sandy beach, without being an American Gladiator.


Best In Class 

Now that you know something about fat tire electric bikes, let's look at few of the best ones currently on the market.

First up is one of our favorites, the Lynx by E-Mojo. Of course the first thing you might notice about the Lynx not the width of the fat tires, but their 20" height. That's right, the Lynx is both a shorty and a fatty, and not only that - it's a folding ebike as well. With a 500W rear hub motor and 36V/10.4Ah lithium ion battery, the Lynx will go up to 20 mph and 30 miles on one charge. The Lynx is on sale now for only $1,049.99.


emojo lynx folding electric fat bike

Next up, take a look at the all new Juggernaut D1 classic 2017 from BikTrix. Really Good Electric Bikes is proud to offer this, the 6th revolution of the Juggernaut for only $1,999.00. This awesome electric mountain bike (e-MTB) brings numerous improvements over earlier models, like dual motors, an integrated battery and motor, suspension fork and much more.


biktrix juggernaut


The D1 has motors built into both the front and the rear hubs, providing awesome power and ideal balance and weight distribution great. This e-MTBbike can climb up pretty much anything, and if one of wheel loses traction, the other one will get you up and going. All wheel drive on demand!

This is the first electric fat bike that has a custom Bafang BBS02B motor built into the frame - more ground clearance than any other BBS powered bikes.

Born on Kickstarter in 2014. What really differentiates this from other e-MTB is that it has a mid-drive Bafang BBSO2 500 watt motor, which is pretty powerful, especially when driven by a removable 48-volt, 10.4 amp hour (Ah) Samsung cell battery. There are several benefits to a mid-drive motor, including low and central weight distribution, and extra power for long hill climbs. 

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