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Class 1 Pedal Assist (PAS)(No Throttle)

Class 1 Pedal Assist (PAS) electric bikes have an electric drive system that can only be activated through a pedaling action and is limited to relatively low speeds (20 mph). There are no throttles on a Class 1 ebike (if there is a throttle, whether or not the ebike also has PAS, then it is categorized as Class 2).

biktrix juggernaut mx max pedal assist closeup

This collection is wide-ranging, and some of our favorites PAS-only ebikes include:

  • Grace MX II Trail Electric Mountain Bike - The Grace MX II is an Electric Speed MTB that performs impeccably on both the dirt and on asphalt.A sleek design coupled with a 28 mph Bosch motor will have you ripping up trails like a dream. Fork lockout, mirror and lighting system make this vehicle suitable for pavement use. Made in Germany - Grace is the future of on or off road cycling.
  • Steppenwolf Transterra Wave E1 Electric Bicycle - The Transterra E is robust and suitable for everyday use with convincing qualities. Longer rides are easy thanks to its powerful Bosch engine and an abundant 400 Watt battery pack. This is also made possible by its low center of gravity, optimum handling, and comfortable ride height. Fork, suspension seat post, ergonomic handles and an adjustable stem make our Trans Terra E comfortable. Available in men's and ladies' models. These bicycles come 99% assembled.