Revi OG Original Cheetah Café Racer Electric Beach Cruiser

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Retro-Style Café Racer Electric Beach Cruiser

Delivers Tons of Power & Style

Featuring 750W Rear Hub Motor w/ Auto Cutoff Brake Sensors

Long-Range Battery Tank w/ Samsung Cells

Twist Throttle Powered: No Pedaling Required

⚡Max Assist Speed 28 MPH


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Revi OG Cheetah Highlights

The Revi Cheetah is one of the best electric bikes on the market today. It's fun to ride, powerful, comfortable, and outfitted with safety features like hydraulic disc brakes and automatic motor cutoff sensors.


Fun to Ride

Riding your Revi Bikes Cheetah fat tire ebike can feel like you’re on a motorcycle when using the twist throttle only (no pedaling required). The stitched faux-leather throttle grip is located on the right of the handlebar, giving it a motorcycle feel. With its 4-inch fat tires, the Cheetah is great for off-road adventures and will give you hours of riding excitement. It comes in night black with faux leather seat and grip accents, and platinum grey with black accents.


The Revi Bikes Cheetah doesn't just look like a motorcycle, it features a powerful 750W nominal output (1200W peak output) rear hub motor that can achieve assist speeds of up to 28 mph. This motor is paired with a robust 48V battery (13Ah and 17.5Ah options) that will give you a long range of travel per charge. When riding the Cheetah, steep hills and harsh headwinds will not slow you down.


revi cheetah electric bike on rack
Customer photo showing Cheetah on motorcycle hitch-mount rack with custom detailing. Scroll up to read all the Revi Bikes Cheetah customer reviews.


Super Comfortable

The Cheetah ebike is designed with comfort in mind. It has a very cushy gel spring-loaded saddle, and you can adjust the fat tire pressure down to 5psi for a more cushioned ride. You can ride the Cheetah like a city bike, or take it off-road for hours of riding without discomfort. 

Safety First

The Cheetah is constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, with expertly welded seams throughout. This ultra-strong frame can endure rough off-road conditions without the risk of breaking. Moreover, this classic ebike is outfitted with strong hydraulic disc brakes, giving you authoritative stopping power when it’s needed most. There are also sensors in the brakes that will detect brake activation and immediately cut power to the motor.


cheetah electric bike cruiser

This is the best way to transport the Revi Bikes Cheetah Electric Bike, on a hitch-mounted motorcycle rack.

Cheetah Ebike Description

Inspired by the 1960s Café Racer motorcycles, the Revi Bikes(formerly Civi Bikes) Cheetah is a powerful and elegant electric cruiser bike.

If you like to travel in style, fast and wild like its namesake, then the Cheetah might be the electric cruiser for you. It's one of our most popular models, and for good reason.

The Cheetah embodies the aesthetic soul of the British Café Racer motorcycles of the early 1960s, where the bikes were used for short, quick rides between cafés, in Watford at the Busy Bee Café and the Ace Café in London.

revi cheetah ebike left side control

 Left side grip with pedal assist and headlight controls

The Café Racer represents speed, status and rebellion. It's the preferred ebike of some very famous and rebellious celebrities and entrepreneurs. It features swept-back handlebars with stitched grips, a comfortable saddle with spring suspension, a high-capacity battery built into the teardrop gas tank, and a large LED headlight with a light grill.

revi cheetah ebike right side controls

 Right side grip with mechanical bell, gear shifter, and half-grip twist throttle

Looks aside, the Cheetah electro cruiser is outfitted with some impressive electronics. It features a powerful 750W (nominal output) Bafang rear hub motor, which is paired with a long-range 48V/13Ah (or 48V/17.5Ah upgrade option) lithium battery with Samsung cells and a Samsung battery management system (BMS).

The hydraulic disc brakes from Tektro give the Revi Bikes Cheetah authoritative stopping power, which is essential for a heavy electric bike. There are sensors that will automatically cut power to the motor when the brakes are activated; an essential safety feature.

Drive modes include the 7-speed drive train, which allows you to ride the gears like a conventional bike; a 5-level pedal assist system that will give your pedaling a boost on-demand; and a right-side twist throttle which can propel you up to 28 mph, without even pedaling.  

Original Cheetah Café Racer Specifications

  • MOTOR: 750W Bafang Rear Hub Motor w/ 80 Newton Meters (Nm) of Torque
  • MOTOR PEAK OUTPUT: 1000 Watts  
  • BATTERY: Integrated 48V/13Ah w/ Samsung Lithium-ion Battery Cells (48V/17.5Ah Optional Upgrade) 
  • BATTERY WATT HOURS: 624 Wh (Optional 840Wh)
  • CHARGE TIME: 5 hours 
  • ELECTRIC DRIVE MODES: 5-Level Pedal Assist System & Right-Side Twist Throttle
  • ESTIMATED MIN RANGE: 20 miles (32 km) 
  • ESTIMATED MAX RANGE: 50 miles (80 km) 
  • BODY POSITION: Upright 
  • SUGGESTED USE: Light Trails, Urban Jungles
  • WARRANTY: 1 Year Comprehensive 
  • TOTAL WEIGHT: 75.8 Lbs. (34.38 kg) 
  • FRAME MATERIAL: 6061 Aluminum Alloy in Black w/ Brown Accents or Platinum Gray w/ Black Accents
  • FRAME SIZES: 19.75 in (50.16 cm)
  • GEOMETRY MEASUREMENTS: 17” Seat Tube, 19.5” Reach, 26.5” Stand Over Height, 32” Minimum Saddle Height, 30.25” Width, 83” Length 
  • ATTACHMENT POINTS: Rear Rack Bosses 
  • GEARING DETAILS: 7-Speed 1x7 Shimano Altus Derailleur, SunRace Cassette 13-28 Tooth
  • SHIFTER DETAILS: Shimano SIS Index Thumb Shifter on Right 
  • CRANKS: Prowheel, Alloy, 170mm Length, 44 Tooth Steel Chainring 
  • PEDALS: VP-565 Alloy Platform, Black 
  • HEADSET: Threadless Internal Cups, Straight 1-1/8” 
  • STEM: Double Crown Direct Mount, Alloy, Turn Stopper Pin 
  • HANDLEBAR: Alloy, Flat, 25.4mm Diameter, 720mm Length 
  • BRAKE DETAILS: Tektro Hydraulic Disc with 180mm Rotors, Four-Finger Levers with Motor Inhibitors 
  • GRIPS: Flat, Padded, Faux Leather with Stitching 
  • SADDLE: CHIFA, Oversized Comfort, Faux Leather, Springs 
  • SEAT POST: Alloy 
  • SEAT POST LENGTH: 300 mm 
  • SEAT POST DIAMETER: 30.4 mm 
  • RIMS: Alloy, Double Wall, 35mm Outer Width, 36 Hole, Black 
  • SPOKES: Stainless Steel, 13 Gauge Front, 12 Gauge Rear, Black with Silver Nipples 
  • TIRE BRAND: Chaoyang, 26” x 4.0” 
  • WHEEL SIZES: 26 in (66.04cm)
  • TIRE DETAILS: 5 to 20 PSI, 0.4 to 1.4 BAR 
  • TUBE DETAILS: Schrader Valve 
  • ACCESSORIES: 8-inch Classically Styled Headlight (Steel Casing and Mount, Low and High Beam), Adjustable Length Kickstand at Center, Paint-Matched Steel Chain Cover
  • BAG: PU Leather Saddle Bag Sold Separately. Capacity 25kg/55.11 Lbs
  • PREMIUM ACCESSORIES GIFT BUNDLE: Fenders, Rear Rack, Pannier Bags, Light Grill + Amazon Gift Card (cannot be combined w/ other discount offers)
  • OTHER: Non-Locking Frame-Integrated Battery Pack, 1.5 Lbs. 2 Amp Charger
  • DISPLAY TYPE: Color LCD C900E-USB Display, See Display Manual & Video Instructions Below
  • BOX DIMENSIONS & WEIGHT (BIKE): 69" x 14" x 32" (95 Lbs.)
  • BOX DIMENSIONS & WEIGHT (ACCESSORIES): Rack Bundle - 32" x 15" x 11" (9 Lbs), Pannier Bags- 17" x 14" x 3" (3 Lbs)
  • ASSEMBLY: The Cheetah comes mostly assembled. Final assembly includes attachment of the front wheel, seat, light, pedals and handlebar. Please see the assembly video below.
  • TOOLS REQUIRED:10mm & 15mm Open-end Wrench, 2.5mm, 4mm & 5mm Hex (Allen) Keys, Scissors, Screwdriver (NOT Included)
  • SHIPPING: Free shipping from Los Angeles area warehouse to the lower 48. We are unable to ship this brand to Alaska, Hawaii or Canada at this time.

Cheetah Version Comparison

What's the difference between the Original Cheetah (this product page) and the new Cheetah Plus? The Revi Cheetah Plus includes some upgrades not found on the Original Cheetah, including:

  • Black frame with leather-wrapped black tank cover and heat-stamped Revi Logo.
  • Adjustable stem for a more upright riding posture (now supports riders up to 6'-7" vs 6'-5" in height).
  • Kenda anti-puncture tires with reflective strip for boosted reliability and safety.
  • New brighter headlight design.
  • New saddle design, which is wider, thicker and softer.
  • Larger full-color display. LCD display firmware with smooth start feature. Now you can read error code on the main screen.

For a more comprehensive comparison of all the Cheetah models, check out this blog post.

CALL for Local Professional Assembly Options

Revi Bikes Cheetah User's Manual

Revi Bikes Cheetah Color LCD C900E-USB Display Manual

civi bikes the cheetah electric bike with fenders and rear pannier bags

Electric Bike Review (EBR) Review

Our friends at Electric Bike Review really loved the Revi Bikes Cheetah. They summarized their full review with a helpful Pros and Cons list:


  • The twist throttle is active at zero and overrides each of the five pedal assist levels, considering the heavy build of this product and less efficient knobby tires, it’s nice to have help getting started
  • The 750-watt geared motor and 48-volt battery system really kicks, the bike was able to move Sam with ease, and he weighs 200+ lbs, it’s neat that the frame is rated up to 33lbs while most other ebikes are just rated for 200lbs or 250lbs but do keep an eye on the spokes if you’re a heavier rider, so they don’t loosen up
  • Very cool styling, everything from the gas tank-inspired battery casing to the large steel headlight and elongated fork resembles a motorcycle and the big tires feel proportional, consider swapping to slick fat tires to make the bike smoother and more efficient (the size is 26″ x 4″)
  • It’s great that they upgraded to hydraulic disc brakes vs. mechanical because they are more consistent and won’t stretch out over time, you need the extra stopping power with such a heavy and powerful e-bike
  • Even though this frame only comes in high-step, the minimum saddle height is fairly low and approachable because the seat tube is angled way back, I love longer handlebars that sweep back to meet you, so you can sit upright and comfortable
  • Padded grips, an oversized saddle with springs, high-volume fat tires, and the longer handlebar all contribute to reduced vibration and make this a comfy ride… even without suspension, consider a 30.4mm seat post suspension for even more comfort
  • The kickstand is mounted near the center of the bike, which is probably good considering the length and weight of the frame, but far back enough that the pedal won’t lock if you back it up or pedal backward (to work on the drivetrain), I like that it offers an adjustable length
  • Great choice of pedals here, these things are oversized, extra stiff, provide great traction, and look nice
  • The display panel is large, bright, and easy to read and interpret in color vs. many others which are black and white grayscale, I like that it has a day/night mode if you hold the + button for a few seconds
  • In low-beam mode, the headlight has this cool blue circle that is really attention-grabbing, it’s cool that the light is wired-in to run off of the main battery, can be aimed a bit, and has low and high beam
  • The lower crown of the fork has this big metal pin built into it that stops the handlebars and fork from turning all the way to the right or left, which would scratch or ding the frame… great attention to detail with that


  • Weighing in at nearly 76lbs, this ebike is heavier than average
  • This ebike only comes in one frame size, but it’s neat that they offer two color combinations
  • The extra-long chain can bounce around when you’re pedaling with a high gear and I didn’t see a slap guard, I could hear the chain bounce up into the steel chain cover when going off curbs and this could create scratches that might eventually rust, consider using some clear box tape on the right chain stay to protect it without detracting from the nice aesthetic of the bike frame color
  • The drivetrain is one step above base level on the Shimano product line and only offers 13 to 28 tooth spread vs. 11 to 32 or higher and that means you can’t climb as easily or pedal as comfortably at high speed, considering the higher top speed potential of the bike and heavier build, it would be nice to have a Shimano Deore with wider cassette
  • I’m not a big fan of the oversized Shimano SIS indexed thumb shifter used here, it requires more reaching and hand/finger effort to shift, but they probably chose it to make room for the half-grip twist throttle housing, and at least it works well with gloves because the buttons are so large and spread out
  • The display is nice, but it would be cool if it could swivel a bit more, be removable, or have a USB port built-in to charge phones, additional lights, or wireless speakers on the go
  • Minor complaint, I love the headlight and wish that the bike also came with a backlight that was also wired in, I would definitely wear a light on my backpack, helmet, or use a rechargeable one on the seat post or seat stays
  • Even with a nicer sealed 12-magnet cadence sensor like this, pedal assist still lags a bit when starting and stopping and isn’t as smooth or natural as a torque sensor or multi-sensor, I’m glad that the brake levers have motor inhibitor switches built in
  • It’s great to have battery size choices, especially given the high power use of the larger motor and heavier ebike, but the 2-amp charger is going to take longer to fill than if they had opted for a 3 or 4 amp
  • Minor complaint, I didn’t see anywhere to mount a water bottle or accessory on the seat tube or downtube, consider an anywhere adapter if you want to mount something here


Brent McCluskey — Electrified Reviews

Another one of our favorite independent ebike reviewers is Brent McCluskey from Electrified Review. This guy knows his stuff, and offers cool insights in all of his reviews. What does he have to say about the Cheetah?

"Ooooowheee! this electric bike is aces. it looks super vintage, like a blast from the past, and cruises like a Harley. Civi BIkes calls it the Cheetah, I call it "fun."

Check out the full video review below.


Civi Bikes Cheetah Assembly Instructions

2022 Cheetah LCD Display Tutorial

In this video, Revi Cheetah owner Rex walks through how to set up the display.


Cheetah Troubleshooting

Have you received an Error 9 message on your display? Rex from Revi Bikes is here to help, in this detailed troubleshooting video. 

How to set KD58C power assist level

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Ask a Question
  • Is the Cheetah compatible with single wheel trailers?

    You may need an adaptor or axle extender, but most trailers should fit on the Cheetah.

  • Do you know when the rear rack will become available by itself?

    The rear rack is not offered separately.

  • Do you deliver to apo 96555 address

    We only ship within the continental US. If you were to use a freight forwarding company, we could ship to them, and they could delivery the bike to you.

  • On the Rivi Cheetah handlebar ,right side, what does the black button with a plus sign on it do ?

    That is one of the gear shifters.

  • Will you guys offer payment plans in addition to credit cards? I don’t have the room with COVID, jobs, etc. please let me know.

    We offer financing through PayPal Credit and Klarna Bank. These options are available at Checkout.

  • Does this ship pre-assembled?

    The Cheetah comes mostly assembled. Final assembly includes attachment of the front wheel, seat, light, pedals and handlebar. We provide a video assembly guide on the Cheetah product page.

  • Hello, I would like to know how to get one of these lovely bikes to the UK, have you had any previous sales here? Thank you

    We are only set up to ship with in the US. However, there are freight forwarding companies that can coordinate shipment between the US and UK, and we can ship to their US facility free of charge.

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    Great Ebike & Life Changing

    Now loving my bike after issues sorted. Use it almost daily...commuting...touring and off roading. It is serious fun and attracts lots of attention. Suggest installing titanium backed pads from start...big difference over standard pads. I modified my rear axle fixing by adding a larger nuts and used the original as a lock nuts...wheel stays securely in place now. Bike frame is a work of art and allows for staggering performance. 3,000 miles and still super awesome fun :)

    Gregor N.
    United States United States

    Really Good Ebikes

    Thank you Gregor. Your honest review is much appreciated.


    Really Good Ebike!

    Thank you for helping me find my perfect ebike. Like your name says, it’s really good. I ride every day and love the freedom it gives me.

    Sandy L.
    Mexico Mexico

    Really Good Ebikes

    Thank you Sandy, it's really appreciated.


    Excellent Vintage Electric Cruiser

    We ordered this ebike for a photo shoot, and ended up falling in love. So much fun to ride.

    Brett G.
    Mexico Mexico

    Really Good Ebikes

    Thank for the review Brett.


    Good deal, great service

    This bike is a delight to ride. Arrived sooner than expected. I really appreciate how communicative Steve was -- the model I originally wanted was out of stock, and he called right away to let me know. He didn't call while I was at work, followed up promptly, and worked with me on price for the upgraded model so I didn't have to wait 2 or 3 months for the one I was originally looking at to come back in stock! If you're antisocial, you may want a different bike - everyone seems to have something to say about it. Lots of questions and comments. My favorite so far is that it looks like Indiana Jones' bike. The accessory bundle is awesome, though a little difficult to assemble - they leave some key details out of the instructions but with a little trial and error it wasn't too hard to figure out. It's a heavy bike with plenty of momentum, but very sturdy. I have crashed it once and there was no damage beyond some scuffed paint (and my busted lip!). It handles really well and makes going up hills a dream. I love being in control of how much exercise I want to put in, and I'm riding it everywhere - it's my go-to transportation for anywhere in town. Very fun, and a great investment. You won't regret it!

    A Really Good Ebikes Customer
    Frances R.
    United States United States

    Really Good Ebikes

    Frances, thank you for such a nice review. It's really appreciated.


    Great Find

    I came across this bike through a friend and fell in love. It is well worth the price and the free gifts offered here were a bonus. The excellent service was also quite refreshing.

    Ethan W.
    United States United States