Revi Cheetah Café Racer Electric Bike: Model Comparison

October 01, 2022

Revi Cheetah Café Racer Electric Bike

Now that there are 3 different Cheetah models to choose from, we thought it would be helpful to do a deep dive and compare them for you. If you're asking yourself what does a Cheetah have to do with electric bikes, well you've come to the right place. Let me explain.

In the beginning (2017) there was the OG Original Cheetah, aka the retro-style fat tire café racer electric cruiser. The design of the OG (original gangster) was inspired by the café racer motorcycles which became popular in 1960s London.

The OG was an immediate hit with customers. It was rugged and retro and just a blast to ride. And it has remained our bestselling ebike since I started Really Good Ebikes in 2017.

Then in early 2022, Revi Bikes released the Cheetah Plus, which had the same amazing design as the OG, but had a number of bespoke upgrades that really set a new standard for classic cruising electric bikes. 

And now, in early October 2022, Revi really outdid themselves by releasing the Cheetah Mini, a revolution in ebike design.

OG Original Cheetah

The OG Original Cheetah really shook up the ebike market with its unique vintage design. Now you will see several companies trying to introduce retro-styled ebikes, but none are quite like the Cheetah

 revi bike cheetah electric bike studio image.

One of the obvious benefits of the OG Cheetah is its stunning design. Wherever you ride, people are going to stop to ask you about your cool ebike. But the Cheetah offers much more than a motorcycle design. This frame design is well-proportioned for average to large riders, the grips are stitched and the handlebars curved back, giving you a very comfortable and stable ride with its four-inch fat tires.

The powerful Cheetah motor is certainly capable of handling steep off-road trails, but many riders consider the Cheetah the perfect ebike for beach cruising or commuting. The 750W (nominal rating) puts out a high degree of torque, and is paired with a long-range (13Ah and 17.5Ah options) battery with Samsung cells. There are three drive modes: regular pedaling with the Shimano gears, pedaling with the help of the 5-level pedal assist system (PAS), and throttle-only operation where no pedaling is required.

The OG Original Cheetah comes outfitted with powerful hydraulic disc brakes, which have great stopping power. The brakes also have automatic motor cutoff sensors, so power to the motor will be cut off when you pull the brake level.

The OG comes in black with brown leather accents, and platinum grey with black accents. And if you really want to max out the functionality and looks of the OG, it's a must to get the fenders, rear rack, pannier bags and light grill.

Cheetah Plus

The Revi Cheetah Plus fat tire electric bike is everything the OG is, and much more. Revi Bikes listened to their customers and made some bespoke upgrades to the Cheetah. These include:

  • Frame comes in midnight black with black leather-wrapped tank cover and heat-stamped Revi logo - if you like the Original black/brown colorway, there's a kit for that
  • Adjustable stem for a more upright riding posture, supporting riders up to 6'-7" in height
  • 26" x 4" Kenda brand puncture-resistant fat tires with reflective strip for increased reliability and safety
  • New brighter headlight design
  • New spring saddle design, which is wider, thicker and softer on the butt
  • Larger full-color LCD display with smooth start feature. Now you can read error code on the main screen

revi cheetah plus handlebar closeup.

Cheetah Mini

Finally, the littlest Cheetah of them all, the Cheetah Mini. This diminutive fat tire electric bike has a retro style similar to its namesake, but if you take a closer look, you will discover one of the most revolutionary ebikes on the market today.

The Cheetah Mini is a compact fat tire electric bike, with a low profile and short wheelbase, designed specifically for shorter or smaller riders. Riders 4'-11" and taller should enjoy the feeling of this unique ebike, which feature-rich and yet quite affordable.

revi cheetah mini front right oblique view.

The Cheetah Mini may be compact, but it packs a punch when it comes to high-performance specifications. The Revi Bikes 500W (nominal output) rear hub motor is designed for maximum torque and quiet operation. It's paired with a 48V/15Ah battery with Samsung cells and a USB phone charging port. You can remove the battery for remote charging, or charge it on the bike between rides. According to our Ebike Range Calculator, the average rider should expect to get 36 miles of range per battery charge.

The Cheetah Mini is outfitted with conventional Shimano gears, so you can ride it like a regular bike using only your own pedal power. But when you need a boost, the Mini will not disappoint. You can get help while pedaling using the 5-level pedal assist system (PAS), or you can give the right-side throttle a twist, and off you go, no pedaling required.

Cheetah Comparison Chart

I prepared this comparison chart to help identify the differences between each Cheetah model.

Cheetah Plus OG Original Cheetah Cheetah Mini
Base Price $2,899 $2,449 $2,199
Summary Elite Retro-Style Café Racer Electric Beach Cruiser
w/ Bespoke Upgrades from the OG Original Cheetah
The Original OG Retro-Style Café Racer
Fat Tire Electric Bike w/ Full Accessories Package
Revolutionary Compact Fat Tire Electric Bike w/ Retro Stylings
and Incredible Functionality - Perfect for Smaller Riders
Frame 19.75" Black 6061 Aluminum Frame w/ Teardrop Battery Compartment, Adjustable Stem and Upgraded Saddle 19.75" Black w/ Brown or Grey w/ Black Accents 6061 Aluminum Café Racer Retro Frame, Dual Stanchions & Full Accessories Bundle 16" Aluminum Short Wheelbase Frame w/ Teardrop Battery Tank, Hydraulic Front Shocks, Adjustable Stem and Cruiser Handlebars for Comfort - Designed for Shorter Riders 4'-11"+
Motor 750W (Nominal) Bafang Rear Hub Motor 750W (Nominal) Bafang Rear Hub Motor 500W (Nominal) Revi Bikes Rear Hub Motor
Battery 48V/17.5Ah Battery w/ Samsung Cells Mounted
in Teardrop Tank; USB Charge Port Handlebar Mount
48V/13Ah or 48V/17.5Ah Battery w/ Samsung Cells Mounted
in Teardrop Tank; USB Charge Port Handlebar Mount
48V/15Ah Battery w/ Samsung Cells Mounted in Teardrop Tank; USB Charge Port Handlebar Mount
Rider Height 5'-4" to 6'-7" 5'-4" to 6'-5" 4'-11" to 5'-10"
Drive Modes 7-Speed Shimano Altus Mechanical Drivetrain; 5-9 Level Pedal Assist System; Right-Side Half-Twist Throttle 7-Speed Shimano Altus Mechanical Drivetrain; 5-Level Pedal Assist System (PAS); Right-Side Half-Twist Throttle 7-Speed Shimano Altus Mechanical Drivetrain; 5-Level Pedal Assist System (PAS); Right-Side Half-Twist Throttle
Tire Size 26" x 4" Kenda Fat Tires 26" x 4" Chaoyang Big Daddy Fat Tires 20" x 4" Panaracer Fat Tires
Brakes Front & Rear Tektro Hydraulic Disk Brakes w/ 180m Travel & Auto Motor Inhibitors Tektro HD-E350 Hydraulic Disk Brakes w/ 180m Travel & Auto Motor Inhibitors Tektro HD-E350 Hydraulic Disk Brakes w/ 180m Travel & Auto Motor Inhibitors
Suspension Spring Saddle Spring Saddle MOZO Suspension Fork & Spring Saddle
Lights Yes Yes Yes
Fenders Optional Optional Yes
Rear Rack Optional Optional Optional
Front Rack No No Front Rack Mount
Standover Height 27.25" 27.25" 22.5"
Weight w/ Battery 70 Lbs 75.8 Lbs 62 Lbs
Max. Load 300 Lbs 300 Lbs 300 Lbs


Wrapping Up

Well, what more can I say. I've owned the OG Cheetah for a few years and love it. It's my #1 ride. I see all the great upgrades you can get with the Cheetah Plus, but I simply can't wait to give the Cheetah Mini a ride. Let us know which one you want.

About the Author

Steve M. Appleton, Founder
Really Good Ebikes

steve m appleton owner really good ebikes

With a background in environmental planning, Steve took his passion for sustainable development and started Really Good Ebikes, an online ebike store where he helps people find the best ebikes for their needs, and partners with ebike business entrepreneurs. He is the author of The Beginner's Guide to Ebikes, published on Kindle in 2020. Steve is passionate about animals, and spends part of each day volunteering at the local animal shelter.

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May 19, 2023

It was a great article. thanks for covering such a great piece of information. It’s e-bike era, eco-friendly.

Roger Emerson
Roger Emerson

October 03, 2022

This is a really helpful comparison chart. I heard that the Mini was coming out soon, but I didn’t know how it would compare to the original. Now I know. Thanks.

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