Ebike Styles

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Finding the perfect ebike can be a daunting process, since there are now literally hundreds of brands and thousands of models to choose from. One of the best ways to start your research and discovery process is to look at the different ebike styles available, and think about which might be the best fit your you.

We hope you find this breakdown by ebike style useful, but if you still have questions or need additional help finding the perfect bike your unique needs, do not hesitate to give us a call (888-883-3350) or start a chat using the chat icon in the lower right corner - we love to hear from our customers.

Fat Tire Bikes

Do you want to take ebike riding to the next level of fun and excitement? Then you have to try a fat tire electric bike, aka an Electric Fatbike. Technically defined as a ride with tires 4 inches wide or more, this beauties come in a number of different frame styles for all sorts of riding applications. 

Fatbikes are a kind of mountain bike, but with wider tires they can actually be ridden through snowy trails or on sandy beaches, floating on top rather than sinking in.

To learn more about our favorite fat tire electric bikes, check out our Fat Tire Ebike Showdown.

Folding Electric Bikes

Folding ebikes are very popular, and for good reason - they can fold up for easy storage and transport. Folding electric bikes are a great choice for many riders, including people who travel and want to be able to store their bike in a car truck, or in the hold of a plane or boat.

Folding ebikes are diverse in design, with a variety of folding mechanisms, frame styles and sizes, and battery placement options. Typically the folding bike will have a strong hinge that is located near the center of the frame tube, which you unclamp to fold the ebike.

Some of the folding electric bikes we carry integrate the battery into the frame of the bike, which both hides it from public view and contributes to even weight distribution and improved balance. Other folders place the lithium ion battery pack directly behind the seat post, which makes for easy access. 

Check out our folding electric bikes folding electric bikes.

Cruising Ebikes

A cruiser bicycle, also known as a beach cruiser or (formerly) motobike, is a bicycle that usually combines balloon tires, an upright seating position, a single-speed drivetrain, and straightforward steel construction with expressive styling. Cruisers are popular among casual bicyclists and vacationers because they are very stable and easy to ride, but their heavy weight and balloon tires tend to make them rather slow.

Really Good Electric Bikes carries a number of different cruising eBikes, including the incredibly affordable, step-through Bam StepThru. All of our cruisers are great for getting around town or hanging out by the beach.

Comfort Bikes

Really Good Ebikes believes that all people should have the opportunity to ride a bicycle, and one of the barriers for many potential riders is comfort. Some bicycles are simply uncomfortable to ride, whether it's because of a small saddle which pinches the bottom, or an uncomfortable riding position. 

We use the term "comfort" to denote a type of bicycle that is designed to be easy to ride and exceptionally comfortable. We hand-selected our most comfortable ebikes and electric scooters, and gathered them together in one collection here, all for your riding comfort.

Step-Through Electric Bikes

Many of our Boomer and Gen X customers are choosing step-through ebikes, for their comfort, convenience, and easy of use. Once considered a frame style for women riders, many men are discovering the joy of step-through and easy boarding designs. 

Most step through designs use a "pedal forward" design where the pedals are slightly forward of the seat tube. This means that often the rider can maintain the proper seat to pedal distance and still put their feet flat on the ground while seated. This makes the wheelbase a bit longer than a conventional bike, and has a small effect on the handling but, it actually enhances the riding comfort.

Because step-thru frames are such a popular form factor, you will find a variety of electric bike styles which are step-though in design, including fat bikes, mountain bikes and cruisers.

Some our most popular step-through ebikes includethe full-suspension Sedona 48V/500W Electric Mountain Bike (e-MTB) by X-Treme.

Commuting Ebikes

Many of our customers are eco-minded, and they love the fact that they can leave their cars at home and get to work or the grocery store on a bicycle, without ever breaking a sweat.

Many electric bicycles come with internally geared hubs and belt drives, eliminating much of the mess associated with derailleurs and chains.

Electric Mountain Bikes (e-MTB)

Looking to put a little excitement into your life? Want to venture off road to escape traffic and congestion? You just might have the mountain-bike bug. Good for you. Now's a great time to be shopping for an electric mountain bike.

If you're new to the world of off-road thrills and hills, you'll find that there's a fascinating range of off-road bikes and equipment. 

Trikes and Tricycles

Really Good Ebikes also carries trikes. Your comfort and safety is our primary goal. Just think about the pleasure you will find in being able to cruise around the complex, visit friends, go grocery shopping, all from the comfort of your personal electric tricycle. These trikes are especially useful for people with limited mobility who do not want to ride on electric scooters or wheelchairs.

Have a look at the Eunorau Folding Trike.