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Did you know that with ebike financing, you can get an electric bike right now, and pay over time based on your ability to pay.

If you have a regular job and really want to get out of your car and start commuting to work on an electric bike, this option may be perfect for you. In fact, we offer financing on all our products over $99, including electric scooters, kickbikes, electric skateboards and mountainboards.

There is no better time than now to save money on gas, parking, insurance and parking tickets (ugh!) and reduce your carbon footprint.


How Financing Works

Really Good Electric Bikes offers financing through PayPal Credit, long recognized as the leader in secure and affordable online financial transactions. We understand that personal electric vehicles (ebikes, scooters, skateboards) can be expensive and difficult to pay outright with cash, so we have teamed up with PayPal Credit to offer our customers flexible payment options.

With PayPal Credit, you get six (6) months to pay off your new purchase with zero percent (0.00%) financing charges. Those are awesome terms, subject to credit approval.


Is Financing Right For You?

You should only consider financing your new electric bike, scooter, skateboard or mountainboard if you are confident in your ability to pay off the full amount of the purchase within 6 months. Otherwise, you will begin to incur financing charge on your outstanding balance, which can add up quickly.

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before choosing the financing option:

  • Do I make enough money each month to afford the monthly payment?
  • Am I committed to using my electric bike, scooter or skateboard as an alternative form of transportation, so that I can save money by not using my car or motorcycle?
  • Do I have decent credit now and an interest in building up my credit over time? You can start with a free Credit Karma account, which will let you know your current VantageScore (similar to the credit bureau's FICO score).

We only recommend financing if you said YES to each of these questions.


How To Checkout With PayPal Credit 

When you've found your perfect electric bike, scooter, skateboard or mountainboard, proceed to check out with PayPal, then choose the PayPal Credit option. Answer 2 quick questions and accept the terms. You'll know within seconds if you are approved. Look for your PayPal Credit statement notification via email. That's it.

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