Partners Program



Welcome to the Really Good eBikes Partners. We are an industry leader in the online sales of electric bikes and mobility scooters, and we're looking to expand.

We feature 100s of different models from more than 40 premier brands - and we're growing rapidly. Some of our most popular products include fat tire electric bikes, folding e-bikes, and electric mobility scooters.

Really Good eBikes offers the best customer service in the industry, with round-the-clock email, phone and chat support. If you want to partner with us, you must share this core value. Providing the best customer service is our No. 1 goal.

Read a few of our really good customer reviews, and you'll see why we are an industry leader. 


We partner with local bike shops and rental companies who want to expand into electric or start a new business.

Bike Shop Owners

Do you run a local bike shop? Are you looking to get into ecommerce and electric bikes? We're here to help. We work closely with brick-and-mortar bike shops around the country, allowing them to rapidly expand their catalog offerings, providing their customers with bike set-up and maintenance services, not to mention ongoing accessories sales. We like to call it the ship-to-shop model - where ecommerce and brick-and-mortar can offer customers the best of both sales platforms!

Benefits Include

Ebike Rental Business

Do you have a bicycle or surrey rental business, and want to expand into ebikes? Are you thinking of opening your own electric bike rental business, maybe like Pedego but not nearly as expensive?

Really Good Ebikes is partnering with existing bike rental companies, and we're helping launch new ebike rental businesses. We published this easy to follow Ebike Rental Startup Guide just for you. You can even have your own licensed Really Good Ebikes Demo Store if you want to make some serious money.

Call us today to learn more about partnership opportunities with Really Good Ebikes. Call us toll free at 888-883-3350.