Best Electric Bike For Hunting - 2024 Review

May 07, 2024

Best Electric Bike For Hunting - 2024 Review

An electric bike for hunting is a specialized e-bike that combines the quietness and agility of traditional bicycles with extra power from an electric motor. These bikes are designed for hunters, providing a stealthy and efficient way to navigate hunting terrain. Perfect for hunters and outdoor adventurers, they can be considered an eco-friendly alternative to gas-powered vehicles.

Key Takeaways:

  • E-bikes make accessing remote hunting locations easier, allow for carrying more gear, increase stealth, and are a sustainable alternative to gas-powered vehicles.
  • Electric hunting bikes offer a sustainable alternative to gas-powered vehicles. They produce zero emissions, helping preserve the natural habitats hunters enjoy and rely upon.
  • Opt for e-bikes with hunting-specific camouflage options and quiet motors for minimal disruption in the woods.
  • Racks, trailers, and hunting-specific gear mounts let you customize your e-bike to carry everything you need for successful hunts.
  • The top e-bikes for hunting include the QuietKat Apex Pro 1000W, Bakcou Mule Jäger 1000W, and Rungu Juggernaut XR Rubicon Trail Edition.

This article examines the role of electric bikes in hunting and provides valuable insights into the latest advancements in hunting technology, helping hunters make informed decisions about incorporating electric bikes into their gear.

Why Choose an Electric Bike for Hunting?

Hunting takes you to remote areas where animals live, often across rough terrain like forests, mountains, or fields. Getting there can be tough, especially when you have to carry all your gear on foot. That's where electric bikes come in handy.

E-bikes come equipped with a motor that makes riding over tough terrain, conquering steep hills, and covering long distances much easier. This means you can access quieter hunting spots where wildlife is more abundant without getting exhausted from the journey. Plus, the motor assistance makes it possible for hunters of different ages and physical abilities to enjoy hunting in places that might have been inaccessible otherwise.

In addition to making travel easier, electric bikes are excellent for transporting gear. Instead of struggling with heavy packs and equipment, you can load them onto the bike's rack or a trailer attached to it. This saves your energy for the actual hunt and ensures that you have all the necessary gear with you, including firearms, hunting blinds, and camping supplies for longer expeditions.

Best Electric Bike For Hunting - 2024 Review

Another significant advantage of electric bikes is their stealthiness. With their quiet motors, hunters can move silently through the woods, avoiding spooking animals that might be on the lookout for danger. This stealthy approach increases the chances of getting close to your prey without alerting them, resulting in more successful hunts. Additionally, the lack of noise pollution from electric bikes minimizes disruption to the natural environment, allowing hunters to observe wildlife behaviors undisturbed.

Moreover, electric bikes are environmentally friendly. Unlike traditional gas-powered vehicles, they produce no emissions or pollutants, reducing their impact on the environment. By choosing electric bikes for hunting, you're making a sustainable choice that helps preserve the natural habitats of the animals you're hunting. 

Top Electric Hunting Bikes in 2024

E-Bike Model Motor Power Range (approx) Weight Capacity Price Range Key Features
QuietKat Apex Pro 1000W 1000W Mid-Drive 40-50 miles 300 lbs $4000 - $4500 Powerful motor, fat tires, high capacity, hunting accessories
Bakcou Mule Jäger 1000W 1000W Mid-Drive 40-50 miles 350 lbs $4500 - $5000 Rohloff internal hub, reliable, stable, high-quality parts
QuietKat Ranger VPO 750W Hub-Drive 30-40 miles 300 lbs $2500 - $3500 Affordable, power control, fat tires, suspension, versatile
Revi Cheetah Plus Café Racer 750W Hub-Drive 50+ miles 250 lbs $2000 - $2500 Long-range, comfortable cruiser design, beach/light trails
Rungu Juggernaut XR Rubicon Trail Edition High-Torque Motor 40-50 miles 350+ lbs $5000+ Extreme off-road capability, full suspension, customizable


Choosing the right electric bike is crucial for hunting success. From powerful motors to stealthy designs and high hauling capacity, the best models in 2024 offer significant advantages in the field. 

Quietkat Apex Pro 1000W Mid-Drive Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike

The QuietKat Apex Pro is a beast of a hunting e-bike, designed to handle the toughest off-road conditions and haul serious weight. Its 1000W mid-drive motor delivers plenty of torque, making steep climbs and muddy trails a breeze. The fat tires provide excellent traction and stability, ensuring you stay on track despite loose terrain like sand or snow.

Quietkat Apex Pro 1000W Mid-Drive Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike

This e-bike boasts a massive rear rack with a high load capacity for gear and game. QuietKat offers an impressive range of hunting-specific accessories, from panniers to gun racks and trailers. Whether you're heading out for a quick morning hunt or an extended backcountry expedition, the Apex Pro can handle it.

One of the standout features of the Apex Pro is its durability. With a robust frame, thick tires, and quality components, this e-bike is built to take a beating and keep performing. Plus, with its weather-resistant design, you don't have to worry about a little rain or mud slowing you down.

However, all that power and capability comes at a cost. The Apex Pro is one of the pricier hunting e-bikes on the market. Additionally, its weight and size can make it a bit cumbersome in tight spaces or when maneuvering around obstacles.


  • Powerful 1000W mid-drive motor conquers tough terrain
  • Fat tires offer excellent traction and stability
  • High-capacity rear rack for hauling gear
  • Wide range of hunting-specific accessories
  • Incredibly durable and weather-resistant


  • A bit expensive
  • Can be bulky to maneuver in some situations

Bakcou Storm Jager 1000W Full-Suspension Fat Tire Electric Bike

The Bakcou Mule Jäger stands apart from other hunting e-bikes with its unique drivetrain. It features a powerful 1000W mid-drive motor combined with a Rohloff internally geared hub. This means no traditional derailleur or cassette, offering incredible reliability and low maintenance needs – a big plus on remote hunts.

The Jäger's design is focused on stability and off-road capability. Fat tires provide excellent grip, while the rigid frame keeps things feeling solid even over rough trails. This e-bike is built to haul, with ample mounting points for racks, panniers, and trailers to bring your gear and potential harvest along for the ride.


Bakcou understands the demands of serious hunters. The Mule Jäger's components are high quality, ensuring it can withstand long rides and harsh conditions. It also boasts a camouflage finish to help you blend into your surroundings.

While a fantastic machine, there are a few considerations with the Bakcou Mule Jäger. The Rohloff hub, while reliable, can be expensive to repair if issues arise. Additionally, the lack of suspension may feel a bit harsh for some riders on extremely rough terrain.


  • Powerful and reliable 1000W motor
  • Unique Rohloff internally geared hub for low maintenance
  • Excellent stability and hauling capacity
  • High-quality components and camouflage finish
  • Built for the demands of backcountry hunting


  • Rohloff hub can be expensive to repair
  • Lack of suspension might be less comfortable on extremely rough trails

Quietkat Ranger VPO Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike

The QuietKat Ranger VPO is an excellent all-around hunting e-bike that balances performance with affordability. It features a powerful hub-drive motor, providing sufficient power for most hunting scenarios. QuietKat's Variable Power Output (VPO) technology allows you to fine-tune the motor's assistance level, helping you conserve battery power and tailor your ride.

Fat tires and a front suspension fork make the Ranger VPO incredibly capable on rough terrain. You can confidently navigate trails, dirt roads, and muddy conditions. QuietKat's emphasis on integrated and practical design is evident in the large rear rack, making it easy to carry all your hunting essentials.

Versatility is one of the Ranger's greatest advantages. It's great for hunting and makes a fantastic daily commuter or recreational e-bike. This flexibility makes it a compelling choice for those who want a single e-bike for various uses.

Like most e-bikes, there are potential tradeoffs. The QuietKat Ranger VPO features a hub-drive motor rather than the more expensive mid-drive systems seen on other hunting e-bikes. While still capable, hub-drive motors can sometimes struggle slightly more on extremely steep inclines.


  • Affordable price point
  • Powerful motor with Variable Power Output (VPO)
  • Fat tires and front suspension for excellent off-road capability
  • Large integrated rear rack for hauling
  • Versatile for hunting, commuting, and recreational rides


  • Hub-drive motor may struggle slightly on the steepest hills

Revi Cheetah Plus Cafe Racer 750W Electric Beach Cruiser

The Revi Cheetah Plus Café Racer offers a distinct style and versatility that can be a great fit for certain types of hunting scenarios. While not a traditional off-road beast, its comfortable design and long range make it ideal for hunting excursions on smoother terrain like beaches, farmland, or well-maintained trails.

This e-bike's retro design is a head-turner. The comfortable, upright riding position and wide tires provide a relaxed cruising experience, perfect for covering long distances in style. Despite the focus on comfort, the Cheetah Plus has sufficient power for hauling gear on its rear rack or in a trailer, thanks to the 750W motor.

One of the most appealing aspects of the Revi Cheetah Plus is its extended range. The large battery gives you miles and miles of pedal assist, making it a great choice for hunters venturing far from trails or needing to cover lots of ground

While awesome for its niche, it's vital to recognize the limitations of the Cheetah Plus. Its lack of suspension and focus on smooth surfaces make it unsuitable for true off-road adventures. This might not be the best fit if your hunting requires navigating rough terrain.


  • Stylish café racer design
  • Comfortable for long-distance cruising
  • Powerful 750W motor for hauling gear
  • Excellent range for extended trips
  • Well-suited for hunting on beaches, farmland, or light trails


  • Limited suspension for rough terrain

Rungu Juggernaut XR Rubicon Trail Edition

The Rungu Juggernaut XR Rubicon Trail Edition is the ultimate off-road hunting e-bike, built for conquering the most extreme terrain. Its powerful, high-torque motor delivers the grunt needed to haul heavy loads, negotiate steep climbs, and plow through mud, sand, or snow. Fat tires and a sophisticated full-suspension system provide exceptional stability and comfort, even when navigating the roughest trails.

This e-bike's design is focused on utility for serious hunters. Camouflage color options help you blend into the environment, and Rungu offers a range of hunting-specific accessories like built-in guns or bow racks. It even has a unique dual front-wheel system for unparalleled traction in the harshest conditions.

The Rungu Rubicon Trail Edition caters to those who prioritize performance above all else and are willing to invest in the best. It offers customization options, including cargo trailers, panniers, and component upgrades, ensuring you can perfectly match this e-bike to your hunting style.

As with any top-tier equipment, there are a few considerations. The Rungu Rubicon Trail Edition is among the most expensive hunting e-bikes. It's also worth noting that full-suspension systems add complexity and might slightly increase the maintenance needed to keep it in optimal condition.


  • Unmatched power and off-road capabilities
  • Fat tires and full suspension for ultimate control and comfort
  • Hunting-specific camouflage options and accessories
  • Highly customizable for a personalized setup
  • Goes where other e-bikes simply can't


  • One of the most expensive options on the market
  • Full suspension requires slightly more maintenance

Key Considerations for Choosing a Hunting E-Bike

Choosing the right e-bike for hunting takes more than just checking off a list of features. It's about understanding how those features will perform when you're out in the field. 


When selecting an electric bike for hunting, one crucial factor to consider is its portability, particularly its weight. While electric bikes offer the advantage of motor assistance for traversing rugged terrain, there may be instances where hunters find themselves too fatigued to ride and opt to walk alongside their bike. In such situations, having a lightweight electric bike becomes essential, as it ensures ease of maneuverability when navigating on foot through challenging terrain or steep areas. 

A lighter bike not only makes it more manageable to carry but also reduces the physical strain on the hunter, allowing for a more comfortable and enjoyable hunting experience. 

Additionally, the weight of the electric bike becomes a significant consideration when transporting it to and from hunting locations, especially if accessing remote areas that require hiking or off-road driving. In these cases, a lighter electric bike proves advantageous, as it facilitates effortless loading and transportation, minimizing the logistical challenges associated with moving equipment in rugged environments. 


Motors are the heart of an e-bike, and their power is measured in watts. Generally, a higher wattage motor means more force to tackle hills and haul gear. When hunting, considering hauling the additional weight of the game is vital; a white-tailed deer can weigh upwards of 150 lbs on average. While even a 500W motor provides an assist, navigating steep terrain with a load benefits greatly from the 750W-1000W range.

Beyond wattage, torque matters. Torque is the twisting force that gets you going and over obstacles. High-torque motors excel at starting from a stop with a heavy load and powering up steep inclines. Look for e-bikes featuring "high-torque" motors or check the Nm measurement in the specifications.

Mid-drive motors vs. hub-drive motors also play a role. Mid-drive motors integrate with the bike's gears, providing a wider range of torque and optimal power delivery. Hub-drive motors are generally simpler and often more affordable, but they might slightly struggle on the absolute steepest climbs compared to their mid-drive counterparts.

Best Electric Bike For Hunting - 2024 Review


Next up on the list is range, which refers to the approximate distance an e-bike can travel on a single battery charge. Battery capacity, measured in watt-hours (Wh), directly influences range.  Higher watt-hour ratings generally translate to longer distances. However, range estimates provided by manufacturers are often optimistic and can vary depending on several factors.

Conquering steep hills, navigating rough trails, or battling strong winds all drain the battery faster. A lower range might suffice if you anticipate primarily flat terrain or well-maintained dirt roads. A heavier rider naturally uses more power to maintain speed, decreasing the range.

Choosing an e-bike with enough range to get you out to your hunting spot, handle any unexpected detours, and ensure you have enough power left for the ride back is crucial. Consider carrying a spare battery if you'll be venturing on extended hunting trips.


One of the biggest advantages of a hunting e-bike is its quiet operation. Unlike noisy gas-powered vehicles, modern e-bike motors emit minimal whirring sounds unlikely to spook the game. High-quality e-bikes will also use smooth-functioning chains and gearing to minimize mechanical noise, allowing you to move through the landscape with remarkable stealth.

However, noise isn't the only factor in remaining undetected. When choosing a hunting e-bike, pay attention to its visual profile. Most hunting-focused brands offer frames and components finished in various camouflage patterns that help you blend in with the surrounding environment.  This extra step towards concealment can make the difference when a wary animal is nearby.

Consider your specific hunting environment when choosing camouflage options. Forest environments might benefit from traditional greens and browns, while open plains or snowy climates might favor lighter camouflage patterns. 


Hunting e-bikes aren't just used for leisurely rides; they're expected to tackle backcountry trails, haul heavy loads, and withstand the elements. Robust frames, typically made from aluminum or even carbon fiber, provide a strong foundation resistant to the stresses of off-road adventures.  Look for well-made frames with solid welds and reinforced areas prone to higher strain.

Component quality is essential for longevity. Higher-grade derailleurs, shifters, brakes, and drivetrain parts are designed to withstand hard use and minimize the risk of breakdowns when you're far from the trailhead. Don't be afraid to invest in an e-bike with the components built to last – it'll save you headaches and potential failures in the field.

The unpredictability of weather is a constant challenge for hunters. Choose an e-bike designed with weatherproofing in mind. Sealed bearings, quality electrical connectors, and water-resistant displays and controls are essential for rain, mud, or snow riding.  

While e-bikes are generally robust, specific components are more susceptible to damage and require extra consideration when tackling tough hunting terrain. Here's a breakdown:

How to protect your hunting e-bike


Your choice of ebike tires significantly impacts your e-bike's performance and suitability for hunting. Fat tires, usually 4 inches wide or greater, are popular for their incredible traction and stability. They float over sand, mud, and loose terrain, allowing you to tackle challenging conditions confidently. Their large volume also provides cushioning, making for a smoother ride on rough trails.

Standard mountain bike tires, in the 2.3 to 2.6-inch range, are also a good fit for hunters who stick to well-maintained trails or harder terrain. They offer less rolling resistance, making them faster and more efficient on smoother surfaces.


One of the greatest benefits of a hunting e-bike is its ability to carry your gear. Sturdy front and rear racks are essential additions. These provide mounting points for panniers, baskets, and specialized hunting gear like guns or bow racks. Consider the weight and bulk of the gear you plan on carrying to ensure the racks you choose are up to the task.

For hauling large amounts of gear or bringing the game back from the field, a trailer is a game-changer. Specialty-hunting e-bike trailers are designed to navigate rugged terrain, providing a stable platform to carry everything you need. Before purchasing a trailer, ensure it is compatible with your e-bike model.

Tips for Using an E-Bike on Hunting Trips

When using an electric bike on hunting trips, consider these tips to maximize your experience and success:

  1. Pre-ride check- Conduct a thorough check of your e-bike before heading out. Ensure the battery is charged, tires are inflated, brakes are working, and there are no obvious signs of damage. A few minutes of preparing can save you major headaches in the field.
  1. Practice and familiarization - If you're new to e-bikes, practice in a safe environment. Get comfortable handling the extra weight, the feel of the motor assist, and using different power levels. Understanding your bike's capabilities before your hunt will boost your confidence and effectiveness.
  1. Respect the land - E-bikes provide access, but with that comes responsibility. Stay on established trails where permitted, avoid riding in sensitive wildlife areas, and follow the principles of minimal impact and ethical hunting practices.
  1. Pack smart- With the ability to carry more gear, it's easy to overload your e-bike. Prioritize essentials and distribute weight evenly in panniers or a trailer for optimal handling. A well-balanced e-bike is easier and safer to maneuver off-road.
  1. Noise awareness: While e-bikes are quiet, they're not silent. Be mindful of your surroundings and slow down when approaching other trail users or when stealth is paramount near potential game.
  1. Maintain Stealth: Use the e-bike’s quiet advantage by approaching hunting areas silently. Turn off the motor as you reach your target to minimize any noise.

Innovations in Electric Hunting Bike Technology

The world of e-bikes is rapidly advancing, particularly in the hunting sector. Newer battery technologies are creating lighter, more powerful, and longer-lasting batteries. This allows hunters to go deeper into the backcountry with less weight and more range without worrying about battery life.

Best Electric Bike For Hunting - 2024 Review

E-bike motors are also improving. Hunters can enjoy smoother power, better integration with the bike's gears for climbing hills efficiently, and even regenerative braking, which recaptures energy on descents to extend the bike's range.

Additionally, hunting e-bikes are being enhanced with sensors that offer advanced features such as GPS navigation, ride tracking, and anti-theft systems. Some may also include sensors to detect games or obstacles, adding practicality to the hunt.

Furthermore, the use of lighter and stronger materials like carbon fiber in frames, along with new suspension designs, is improving performance on rough terrain, providing a smoother and more controlled ride during hunts.

Ready for a Game-Changing Hunt?

Electric bikes offer a game-changing advantage for modern hunters. Their power, stealth, and load-carrying capacity unlock new possibilities, allowing you to explore further, reach your hunting grounds with greater ease, and focus on the thrill of the hunt.

Smart customization and understanding how to get the most from your e-bike contribute to a more successful and enjoyable hunting experience while minimizing your environmental impact. In choosing the best electric bike for hunting, do your research, choose wisely, and embrace the exciting world of e-bike-assisted hunting! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are e-bikes legal for hunting?

E-bike regulations vary from state to state and on specific public lands. Always research the laws in your hunting area before heading out.

How much does a good hunting e-bike cost?

Expect quality hunting e-bikes to fall in the $2500 - $5000+ range. Factors like battery capacity, motor type, frame material, and components all affect the price.

What's the difference between mid-drive and hub-drive motors and hunting e-bikes?

Mid-drive motors integrate with the bike's gears, providing optimal torque for climbing steep hills. They tend to be pricier. Hub-drive motors are housed in the wheel, often more affordable and simpler to maintain, but might have slightly less climbing power in extreme conditions. 

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